The Indian real estate market is rising with too much vigor and potential in it. Each day we hear about luxury home projects coming here and there. Each day new city comes forward to test its luck in real estate urban growth. When we talk about big real estate giants in India, Coimbatore takes its spot gracefully. Many expert architects in Coimbatore have already been serving in this city for decades – take for example. But what does future hold for this city in terms of real estate potential?

Things that make Coimbatore a great option for real estate investment!

What do you think makes a city a great opportunity for real estate investment? When a piece of land starts to urbanise itself and turn into a city, it does so on few fundamentals.

·         The living conditions include air, water, and food availability.

·         Future scope in terms of food, air, and water.

·         Economic potential – this calls in people to earn and live.

·         Basic facilities like restaurants, hospitals, malls, schools, colleges, etc.

·         Proper road connectivity and traffic management.

When these conditions are met, a city starts to rise with pride and potential. So, How good is Coimbatore for real estate purposes?

1 – IT potential in Coimbatore!

IT is the future of the world, and the city that muffles itself around the future tends to thrive much. After Bangalore, Coimbatore is rising as the next big player in the IT field. It simply means that big conglomerates and companies will be investing into the city. This will funnel in the workforce and thus the city will start to run on its track.

Currently, there are many tech parks like KCT Tech Park, Tidel Park, India Land Tech Park, that are gracing up the landscape of the city. For this very reason many great architects in Coimbatore have been in the business for decades.

2 – Educational Institutions!

If the big towers of a city run on skilled workforce, the skilled workforce gains its potential from high class education. No city can thrive in the long run without good education institutions. When we talk about Coimbatore, there have been many global level educational institutions. Here are a few examples,

·         Coimbatore Medical College

·         CIT

·         SMNV

·         Shri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology

3 – Medical facilities!

Look at any high class city in the world and you’ll find that its veins get supported by a high class medical care system. You’d not want to travel miles and miles to another city when someone is before you, gasping for breath. A mere minute can mean the difference between life and death.

Coimbatore has called in some high class hospitals with the latest tools and technology. For example, G K N Memorial Hospital, PSG, Kovai Medical Center, KG Hospital, Shri Ramakrishna Hospital, etc. have been working day and night to support the lifeline of the city.

4 – Basic Living Conditions!

Apart from school, medical, and earning potential, one needs the best of the basics – food, air, and water. Coimbatore lies in the lap of Eastern Ghats and this provides it with a gentle climate. Being in a natural environment, it does not suffer from water and air issues. The water is clean and available all the time. The average AQI of the city stays below 100 throughout the year. This makes it a good place with soothing breathable conditions.

Apart from this all, there are many shopping malls, cinema theatres, mega markets, etc. So, if you are wondering to invest in Coimbatore, consider it to be having a huge potential for the future growth. Consult some expert architects before investing. Check out — Radvi is one of the best architects in Coimbatore and has been in the business for over 3 decades. It can help you out gracefully when it comes to Coimbatore.