Are you searching for watch and phone bands online? You have found the right website. It has been recently introduced in Australia as well as the United States. It is important to understand if this is Casezi Shop Scam. You can read the following details.

Does Casezi Shop have a trustworthy domain?

  • The domain was introduced on 26/01/2022. It is available from 8-month to 9-days.
  • Its trust level is low at only 5 percent.
  • It is lacking a contact number.
  • We have located the physical address.
  • Domain does not contain social networking links
  • It does not appear on Alexa.
  • It does not include the name of its owner.
  • Individual privacy policies are maintained.
  • It is possible to return your item within 7 days.
  • Only defective items are eligible for a refund.
  • Are buyers CaseziShop Review stated No

What is Casezi like?

Casezi offers its services on the digital platform since a while. It is a domain that was created less than a decade ago. However, it sells exclusive phone cases as well as watch bands of standard quality. The product offers a unique selling point to the client, which attracts many buyers.

These products have the best quality to enhance the look of your phone. It is important to know if Casezi Shop is a scam or legit. So, let’s study its essential details.

Specification at Casezi –

  • This type of domain- It follows the phone accessories market.
  • Unique collection of phones cases and watches bands.
  • This domain has been introduced on –26/01/2022
  • The domain’s value will decrease on-26/01/2023
  • Domain web address–
  • Email Id to communicate-[email protected]
  • Not Found – Ring Up Number
  • Contact Address- 3160 Geneva St., Los Angeles, CA 90020
  • Delivery strategy- After the shipping process, it will take 3 to 8 days for your order to arrive at your door.

According Casezi Shop Reviews . Read its benefits-

  • You can buy trendy and stylish phone cases as well as watch bands.

Cons for the website-

  • It is missing the contact number and proprietor’s name.


The domain is traded in a watch accessory and a phone. However, it does not deal with publicity strategy. Therefore, we didn’t track any comment regarding its products. Effective advertising strategies are essential to increase business. Find out more about PayPal scams.

The Final Assumption

It has a low trust score of 5 percent. This is why we advise online shoppers to do thorough research. Read about Credit Card Scams.