FaceTime SharePlay may be the feature released with iOS 15 beta, also it enables discussing screens of iPhone between users, no matter their geographical locations. Every iPhone user within the U . s . States recognized the feature and began utilizing it towards the maximum.

The screen share feature is broadly used to hear music and stream films together by discussing the screen while sitting at any remote location around the globe. The feature required over many famous interactive video services, like Google Meet, MS Teams, Zoom, and much more.

Regrettably, following the iOS 15 beta 6 update, the Ios 15 Facetime Screen Share No Longer Working.

What’s iOS 15 Facetime Screen Share?

iOS 15 FaceTime Screen Share may be the feature released using the iOS 15 beta version, also it lets you share screens between different iOS users, no matter their physical locations. The characteristics permitted many users to stream films together and pay attention to music by discussing the iOS devices while sitting at faraway locations.

It’s a feature that’s broadly employed for online parties while sitting in a different location. Regrettably, the feature was taken lower following the iOS 15 beta-6 update, and lots of users within the U . s . States have reported that Facetime Screen Share No Longer Working.

Exactly Why Is Ios 15 Facetime Screen Share No Longer Working?

Many underlying reasons are stopping the feature from no longer working as intended. A few of the reasons are pointed out below:

•           When you set emoji for your friend’s phone number, it impacts the intended functions of FaceTime. So, take it off to find out if the part starts working again.

•           Another common reason would be that the country your home is in might not offer the feature, which means you cannot utilize it.

•           Another most typical cause of the Ios 15 Facetime Screen Share No Longer Working is really a weak web connection. When the internet connectivity is weak, it might modify the functions of FaceTime, and therefore you will not have the ability to utilize it.

•           The final reason may be the iOS 15 beta 6 update. Users who’ve updated to version 6 cannot make use of the screen discussing work as Apple has had the feature lower within the new update.

How you can Fix the iOS 15 Facetime Screen Error?

When the Ios 15 Facetime Screen Share No Longer Working, don’t panic as there’s no trouble using the feature as well as your device. The ultimate iOS 15 beta update lacks the part formally, and users who’ve updated their device towards the new edition might not discover the SharePlay screen discussing feature on their own particular devices.

There’s no official update on when Apple will prove to add FaceTime Screen Discussing for their iOS devices. But, experts are claiming the feature is going to be added following the latest iOS 15.1 updates. So, we’ve no option instead of waiting until iOS 15.1 update.


FaceTime Screen Discussing feature has revolutionized the way in which people do online conferences, pay attention to music, and stream films. Many users are complaining that Ios 15 Facetime Screen Share No Longer Working.

For the reason that of various underlying causes which are pointed out above. However, experts suggest waiting before the approaching iOS 15.1 update because it is likely to get put in the approaching update for users. You should be aware of things you can do when facing a mistake.