If you live in an area where power cuts are very frequent then you will understand the importance and need of having an inverter. You would know that inverters run through a battery. There are a lot of myths in the air about inverter batteries, some of them might be true while others might not be true. If you want to buy the best inverter battery then first you need to know what the types of an inverter battery are. Because knowing the types and their features will help you to know which one will be the best one for you? Let’s start with the meaning of an inverter battery.

What is an inverter battery? 

If you are using an inverter then you would know that an inverter can not run without a battery, which means, a battery plays an important role in the life of an inverter. In the entire process, the inverter is a power supplier, whereas the battery is used for storing the power supplied by the inverter. And when there is a power cut, the inverter uses the power stored by the battery to provide uninterrupted power supplies to the house appliances. An inverter battery is based on plate technology. On this basis, the following are the types of inverter batteries:

  • GEL batteries
  • Tubular plate batteries
  • Flat plate batteries

If you are looking for a battery with power stability and which may have more backup than considering lead acid GEL batteries can be a good choice for you. It has a unique structure that has a crisscross format that helps in retaining the acid and does not let the acid go down or settle down. If you will compare it with the standard lead-acid battery then you will find out that it has more backup power. But due to, the GEL battery has an edge more expensive than the standard battery. 

Do you want to know the benefits of a GEL battery then give a read to the following?

One of the major benefits that a GEL battery will provide you is that it is friendlierto the environment and does not cause the emission of harmful gasses. So that you can live in a healthy environment and can lead a healthy life. Furthermore, these batteries are sealed so that there will be no spillage and any other harm due to the acid. It can install very easily and there will be no requirement to take any extra care and maintenance of it. In normal batteries, water top-up is required at regular intervals but in this type of battery, you also won’t have to take care of it. If you want to use an inverter for sensitive electric equipment then you can go for this type of battery. 

Tubular plate battery: There are two types of plates in this type of battery. One is a negative plate and the other one is a positive plate. Both these plates are in a specific geometry shape. Both these plates are different in shape. Positive plates are the tubular ones in shape. On the other hand, negative plates are the ones that are flat in shape. The positive plates are helpful in retaining the active chemical component which is present in an inverter battery. It retains it with the extra support that it does have. There are receptive elements in a battery, tubular plates help in making sure that they do remain in their places. If you live in an area having long power cuts then you can go for this type of inverter battery. It has fewer water top-ups. Furthermore, if you will go for this type of battery, you will get longer life, more power backup, and a longer warranty period. But it requires more place than a flat type of an inverter battery. There are different sizes of containers available, you can choose the appropriate size depending upon the space that you have to store. This is further divided into two types. The first one is a small tubular battery and the other one is a tall tubular battery. 

Flat battery: Another type of battery is a flat plate inverter battery. If you live in an area where power cuts are quite frequent then you can go for this type of battery. Just like a tubular battery, it also has 2 types of plates, positive and negative. The geometrical shape of this battery is, as the name suggests, flat. No doubt, these batteries are the best choice if you live in an area that has frequent power cuts and these batteries are cheap in price but these batteries have a shorter life than a tubular battery. Another advantage that a flat battery offers is it takes less time to fully charge. Also, it has a shorter warranty period.

These are a few batteries that have different benefits depending on your need and budget. If you want to choose the right one for you then consulting Loom Solar is the best choice that you can make. They are one of the best inverter battery suppliers. However, there comes a few things also that you need to take care of while buying an inverter battery such as:

Brand of the battery: There are branded as well as local batteries available in the market. You should be going for the branded ones. There is no doubt that branded one will cost you a little extra but it will come with more benefits such as longer life, longer warranty period, etc. If you buy the cheaper one then after a few days or months it may stop working. 

Supplier: Along with the brand, you need to choose the right supplier as well. You need to choose a supplier that has a reputation in the market. Choosing an unknown supplier may not enable you to claim the warranty whenever required. It may cause the loss of your money. You need to make are search on the web concerning the best inverter battery suppliers in your area or online supplier supplying to your area. 

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