Are you searching for an industrial or automotive part washing system that will help wash your machine’s equipment and spare parts? Regular maintenance and cleaning of parts for machinery and automobiles can be costly, so people are looking for ways to lower the expense of washing the spare parts.

Instaclean washing systems have been working for many years across in the United States to design the perfect washing machines that are automated that are suitable for local residents. To learn more about this affordable and long-lasting washing machine continue reading Instaclean Review to the close.

In this review, we will test its credibility.

Instaclean com Website:

Instaclean website is dedicated to the manufacture and sales of automated washing machines for automotive and industrial components. It also lets customers use the site to place an request for custom washing systems for various machinery components.

This is an family owned business that has been operating in this industry for a long period of time. The automotive products that are offered by this company include the spray cabinet, conveyor washers and pass-through washers.

The CM-24 washing model comes with wash, rinse and blow off model to wash industrial equipment. To find out is Instaclean legitimate or Scam? Let’s take a look at the specifications and pros and cons in the coming section.

Specifications of Instaclean com Portal:

  • Domain (12th Jul 1999)
  • Website address –
  • product ItemDeals on washing equipment for automotive and industrial parts.
  • Service email – Available
  • Address for email – not given
  • Shipping policy – Not given
  • Contact details – Toll-free number 1800 331 6405
  • Policy on Return This is not a policy that has been provided.
  • Physical address – 955 Kiowa Ave. Ste. E- Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, United States.
  • Domain Expiry Date 7th December 2025
  • Search engine optimization – Not done.


  • The customer’s email address and toll-free number is accessible on the washing system website.
  • The Instaclean Review team discovered the age of the domain on the website to be more than 20 years old. The older domain is an indication of legitimate business.
  • Instaclean also provides customized washing systems designed for industry that will assist customers find the item they want.
  • Index and trust score are both in favor of this website.


  • The inability to provide shipping or return policy suggests that the business is not making use of this site to sell the product.
  • Owner details are not accessible on this website.
  • There is no customer review discovered for the Instaclean wash system.
  • Instaclean is not mentioned. Instaclean is mentioned in the Physical address provided by the business.

Is Instaclean Legit?

In the absence of a positive customer reviews, a verified physical address, or details of the owner, it’s difficult to believe the authenticity of this website. This is why it’s important to confirm the authenticity of Instaclean for potential customers.

Examine the following information regarding the credibility of this site:

  • Domain age – Over 20 years of age (12th July , 1999)
  • Alexa ranking The site is given a zero rank by Alexa and indicates that there isn’t any website traffic.
  • Owner’s details – There is no information regarding the owner’s details is listed on this website, which makes it less reliable.
  • Physical address Our team was unable to locate the name of the company at the address mentioned.
  • Trust score Instaclean reviews found the trust score at 86 %, which is an excellent score for legitimate websites.
  • Service email – available
  • Plagiarism: The content on this website is of standard standards and is believed to be authentic.
  • Trust index It has an index of trust of 62.8 per cent, which indicates that the website has a high score.
  • Invalid policy – Since it isn’t an e-commerce site the return and shipping policy pages aren’t available on the site.
  • Customer reviews – No reviews about Instaclean were discovered on media that is digital.
  • Social media presence There are no social media sites were found to be linked to this website.

What are Instaclean Reviews?

Although the website is over twenty years old, not a single customer review was found in digital media. Instaclean website isn’t designed to be a search engine friendly site, which makes it difficult for users to find it in the search results.

Instaclean does not have any customer reviews of their product on their website. This site is used by the company to create awareness and interest about their product. The washing system is available on any well-known Review websites.

The final verdict

Certain aspects favor this site and others do not; Instaclean Reviews suggests that potential customers conduct their own research prior to engaging with this site.