Are you fed up with getting detoxification facials and bleaches to improve your skin quality? Are you aware of the newly emerging hype about infrared sauna blankets known to detoxify your skin? If not, this is your sign of giving it a try!! With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals made a lot of adjustments in their daily schedules, which were explicitly related to going to public places. As the salons or day spas were shut down, infrared sauna blankets played as an excellent alternative for skin smoothening. You must be wondering how a blanket can offer the above-claimed benefits, keep reading through to learn more.

What is a sauna blanket?

An infrared sauna blanket is a sleeping bag like an accessory that uses heating therapy of far infrared rays to detoxify the body. The adjustable heating knobs allow the user to regulate the heat according to their comfort and need. Initially, the users are advised to use the blanket for a maximum of 15 minutes and let their bodies adapt to the changes in temperature slowly. As the heat inside the blanket rises, it increases the body’s thermal energy and promotes a temporary increase in blood flow. This, in turn, leads to a lot of sweating, improves circulation, detoxifies the skin, and promotes a healthy flow of oxygen. As the flow of blood is regulated all over the body, it revives the skin texture by flushing out toxins through skin pores.

With the launch of thesauna detox blanket, individuals do not need to visit the infrared sauna spas or get facial spas from the salon. This portable accessory can be readily used in the comfort of your home. Due to its convenience and ease of use, the sauna blanket has proved to be cost-effective stress management and self-care accessory.

How to use an infrared sauna blanket?

The users are required to change into lightweight cotton clothes which do not feel harsh on the skin even while sweating vigorously. As mentioned earlier, the blanket is somewhat like a sleeping bag that easily accommodates a person inside. After settling inside the blanket comfortably, the user can set the temperature and the time for which they wish to stay inside. As the blanket is plugged in, the temperature inside the blanket starts to rise as fixed by the user. After a set time, the heating effects slow down and finally shuts off.

Note: it is advisable to not rush out of the blanket immediately after it stops. As the body is in a state of rest, you must let it come out slowly, avoiding head rush or dizziness.

What are the benefits of infrared sauna blankets for skin?

Among the highly popular benefits of sauna blankets like improved blood circulation, weight loss, balanced blood pressure, etc., improved skin texture is one of the prominent advantages. The heating effect of the blanket opens the pores of the skin and flushes out all toxins or dirt stuck inside. As the skin gets detoxified, it eventually starts looking revived and glowy.

Get rejuvenated skin at home by getting an at-home spa experience with an infrared sauna blanket!