This post on Indiana school sings journey will bring you all the information about the school janitor, who went viral after his performance.

How does a schooljanitor make it viral? The performance of Journey song made the Indiana school’s janitor viral. His performance stunned the United States and many people praised his stunning singing. Many social media users gave him applause after the viral video.

We’ll be covering the school janitor, Indiana School Singers Journey in more detail.

Indiana School Trends

Indiana’s school janitor made a huge hit for his rendition of Journey’s song. Steve Perry, who was the original composer of the journey song, was also inspired by the performance of the schooljanitor. Perry even shared the video on his Tik Tok accounts and social media.

Richard Goodall is a schooljanitor and was widely praised by everyone. Many videos on social media were posted showing Goodall singing Journey songs as he celebrated fifth-grade graduation. The viral post Indiana Schools Sings Journey was shared on Twitter and many other social media sites.

People’s Objectives for School Janitors

Many people around the globe were impressed by Richard Goodall’s amazing singing. People shared many videos of the schooljanitor singing Journey from Steve Perry.

Richard Goodall, who was a school janitor and reposted Steve Perry’s video via his Tik Tok profile, thanked Perry for his comment and reply to his video. After Steve responded, Goodall received many congratulatory messages. Richard is 53 and has been with the school for 20 years as a janitor.

Indiana School Sings Journey

Richard Goodall also commented on his singing performance, saying it was effortless and that he didn’t hesitate to sing. He just started singing Journey songs and then plugged it in. He stated that he was surprised to get such a positive response.

Students and school staff were invited to a talent-show, which was organized to celebrate the fifth-grade graduation. Goodall was asked by the teachers during the last stages to sing a song in support of fifth-grade students. After that, there were many posts with Indiana School Sing Journey . These made Richard Goodall viral and we all know how much he is getting.


In conclusion, this post tells you about the school janitor that went viral after performing at a school event. Richard Goodall, who performed the Journey song with a stunning performance, was everywhere on the internet. You can see Richard Goodall singing videos on social media, and you can also view YouTube channels. This link will take you to more information about Indiana School Sing Journey.

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