Long-Reach Excavator
Long-Reach Excavator

Long-reach excavators are equipped with an extended boom and arm that enable them to perform complex tasks, such as deep trenching, well digging, canal cleaning and digging underwater. The extended arm is equipped with an operating system that provides power for the movement of cylinders.  They are also compatible with several special attachments that enhance their on-site versatility. Long-reach excavators are an invaluable tool for demolition since the special attachments enable them to undertake tasks like shearing, crushing, and cutting easily. 

Long-reach excavator advantages are as follows: 

1. Wider application 

Long-reach excavators are commonly used for applications requiring wider reach and complex demolition tasks. They offer pinpoint accuracy for demolition over dynamite and wrecking balls. Long-reach excavator technology has improved over time. Advances in special attachments have empowered the long-reach excavator for hammering, pinching, picking, crushing, cutting, carrying and other heavy-duty tasks. Various manufacturers have started collaborating with specialists to create job-specific long-reach excavators to meet the specific needs of their clientele. 

2. Build quality 

Long-reach excavators are utilised as demolition excavators or construction excavators. It is essential for long-reach excavators to have a robust build quality. Long-reach excavators have been subject to stricter testing and technological requirements to ensure performance. Recent long-reach excavator models include features like titled cabs, boom-mounted CCTV, and extra protection to make their operation more precise and comfortable. Reinforced cabin also increases operator safety with an additional layer of protection against falling objects. 

3. Ease of operation 

A long-reach excavator is easy to operate due to its high mechanisation and simple working arrangement. Newer long-reach excavators have telescopic boom extensions and interchangeable booms, which increase ease of operation and boost machine utilisation rates. 

4. High Safety 

Long-reach excavators are effective and efficient tools for demolition activities. They keep the operators at a safe distance from the demolition. Manufacturers also undergo stringent technical and safety tests while producing long-reach excavators. Long-reach excavators feature cabin-guards and reinforced cabins and include effective falling protection.

A long-reach excavator is an investment, and a few guidelines should be followed to get the most out of it: 

  • The long arm of the excavator should not be loaded beyond the permissible limit. 
  • The long arm of the excavator should ideally be 0.5m away from the ground during a rotation. 
  • The bucket load should not exceed the allowable weight limit. 
  • During digging activities, the rock should be crushed before excavation. 


Long-reach excavators are an effective tool for performing specialised heavy-duty operations. Selecting a suitable long-reach excavator boosts the operational efficiency of a project site. 
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