Are you searching for a sports nutrition supplement? Or a range of products that provide easy comfort? Don’t worry. For more information, please read the following!

The United States is dedicated to our health, and ayurvedic supplements. People love to shop for the best health products at the lowest prices. With new online sites, it is possible to find all sorts of fitness and wellness brands at a reasonable price.

Below are reviews from our experts on product awareness. Let us clear up any confusions by reading Ihealthee Reviews.

Ihealthee Website

This website is designed in the United States. It lists health brands and products under the category of sport nutrition, vitamin supplements and healthy food drinks fitness.

Products related to protein gainer music instrument essentials juice drinks immunity boosters’ clothes as also personal and skincare products. We have a limited number of these products available.

You will also find descriptions on pages such as us refund policy shipping privacy contractor and social media platforms. It is important to verify Is Ihealthee Legit before purchasing.


  • Name of the Website:
  • Website Type: The website sells products that are related to sport and wellness.
  • Products in the Product Category include products such as protein gainer multivitamins antioxidants pre-workout gainsers Jim supports Asus accessories skincare, and clothes
  • Contact address: No information about the address
  • Phone number not listed on the website
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Payment options: Paytm, paypal and paypal
  • Shipping policies: The shipping process would take between 1 and 5 business days once the item has been processed
  • Delivery time: International orders may take up to a week for delivery. However, there are no additional fees as stated in: Ihealthee Review.
  • Return policies: Orders received within 7 days of dispatch can be returned or refunded.
  • Social media links: The product brands are listed only on the website, and not displayed on any other E-Commerce platform.

The Pros and Cons of Website

  • The https protocol is used to run the website
  • Each product has a sales price
  • You can find product descriptions and authentic reviews on the website.

Cons of Product

  • Website has a rank of 21.8 which is very low
  • The website was launched on February 3, 2021
  • Website popularity is approximately 370000.
  • The trust index is 10%

Is Ihealthee Legal

  • Website Age – The website was created on the 3rd February 2001. This is not a very old date.
  • Trust Score of the Website: The trust score for the website is 21.8. This is worse than it should be and must be improved.
  • It ranks 3720069th in Alexa
  • Legitimacy of the Contact Address: There is no office verification address or contact address on the website that can be used to verify its authenticity.
  • Legality of the Email ID: There is only one email ID for customer support on the website
  • The Customer Ihealthee Review – Terrano No customer reviews, the website appears to be low profile and scrappy.
  • Originality of Website Content – The website promotes products that are easy for people to notice, but the content contains many grammatical errors.
  • The owner identity is – the contact of the owner is not mentioned.
  • Social Media Connection – The products can only be accessed through the official website. No social media connections are allowed.
  • The Exchange and Return policies – the exchange policy is available for 7 Days
  • Refund Policy – Not all items are eligible to be refunded.

Ihealthee Review

The website appears suspicious and new to customers. It was then easy to see that the website was fake when we checked out customer reviews and verified legitimacy. Search scam websites are dangerous and readers should be cautious.

To be sure, customers may submit feedback as a complaint.


Our experts conclude that the website isn’t worth it. Websites with lower trust score and missing guiding information should not be visited. Ihealthee Review will help you understand why our experts recommend that readers avoid investing in suspicious websites.