It is estimated that 85% of workers worldwide hate their jobs! Reasons vary from person to person, ranging from poor salaries or wages, bad working environments, bad-tempered bosses, etc. Are you tired and sick of your job? Or do you want another source of steady income? Have you ever wondered what generates money for your favorite celebrities or bloggers? 

You may have enjoyed entertaining or educational videos, blogs, and social media accounts online. The truth is that we have all enjoyed content from various content creators. At the same time, even without knowing it, you are making them a couple of dollars every time you click on a catchy title. 

But did you know that anyone could go into content creation? Let’s get you started on what you need to know about content creation as a way to show your talent to the world and monetize your passion.

What Is Content Creation?

There are numerous definitions of content creation and what is a content creator. According to Wikipedia, content creation is contributing information, especially via digital media, to an end-user or audience in a specific niche.

Content creation means creating and providing value to a targeted audience. It involves deep research to create valuable content that will provide value and earn money.

Why Content Creation

Engaging in content creation could land you many benefits, such as:

  1. Self-expression: All human beings love to express themselves in different ways. Content creation gives you a golden opportunity to do that uniquely. You have all the privilege of expressing your talents in spaces like Allcreate.
  2. Connect to your audience: when you express yourself with your content, your audience gets to understand you better. Hence, it makes communication easier.
  3. Builds a trusted community: an audience that feels connected to you will most likely trust you even though they may not have met you in real life.
  4. Content creation is less expensive to start up: Compared to other forms of starting a business, content creation has proven to be less expensive in terms of capital and cost. 
  5. Extra time for friends and family: with content creation, you would have ample time to attend events, dinners, and parties, which wouldn’t have been possible with your 9 to 5. You are no longer stuck to doing one boring daily task, as annoying as it may be. You will agree with me on this.

Types Of Content You Can Make 

Content creation can never be boring, as you can choose from different options that suit your taste. The most common types of content are:

Articles, Blog Posts

Are you one of those people who loves to write? Do you have the ability to communicate efficiently with words? Search no more. This content creation field is vast and open to all good writers. If you find writing interesting, you will therefore love this work. It amazes you that talented article or blog post writers make a lot of money for content, either for themselves or organizations.

Videos Or Streaming

Videos can be a great way of providing value. It could take the form of comedy, inspiration, education, etc. Money could be made using any of the video niches available. Videos are also a great way of communicating with the target audience. The Allcreate platform allows you to create and share videos and live streams around the world, sharing your interests with others.


Do you love photography or drawing? Then this one’s for you! Creating images is also part of content creation. It could be in the form of a graphic design, a cartoon art, or even a comic using images. Images and photos can be created and used to provide value and fetch you some cool bucks. 

Online Classes

Are you a great teacher or do you have a passion for a certain topic that you understand fully? You can create content by holding online classes and teaching what you know best. You could teach and guide those who need it online, sharing your knowledge and gaining money at the same time. 

How To Get Started? 

6 actionable steps:

After being exposed to this mind-blowing concept of content creation, you might wonder where and how to start. Just knowing it doesn’t mean you are off to a great start. You need to have a few tricks under your sleeves to take your first baby steps as a content creator.

  1. Choose A Type Of Content

We have previously mentioned some types of content. The first step is to study each type of content carefully and choose a particular one that fits your personality. Being a jack of all yet master of none would not benefit your content creation journey. Choose a particular content type, or connect a few types, and stick to it until you get fluent.

  1. Idea 

Once you have chosen a type of content to create, the next step is to come up with an idea. That requires deep thinking. You can also outsource ideas from blogs, friends and family, surveys, interviews, etc. A great idea can boost your journey as a content creator. Write down a list of ideas and narrow it  down according to your personality and what you can do well.

  1. Research

A good idea can become trash if the content it produces is not well grounded and authentic. Do your research using available resources on the topic or idea. Some of the available resources may include: visiting a library, browsing through popular websites or blogs, interviewing relevant experts on the topic, etc.

  1. Create Catchy Headlines

Catchy headlines work as clickbait. 80% of the people who will read your headline may not view the content if it’s not catchy. Make sure your headline is as captivating as possible.

  1. Create! Create!! Create!!!

Get to work and organize those ideas. Repackage them into something interesting. Make sure to give out value. Those can be videos, photos, text, or live streams. Ensure your content is valuable. Avoid copying other people’s content and come out with your own ideas, expressing yourself in creative ways.

  1. Use A Platform To Distribute Your Content

After creating that useful content, the obvious next step is to showcase it to the world and connect with people. There are different platforms where you can do this. Allcreate is a convenient platform to share your talent with the world. A platform provides an opportunity to create content – a modern art. All creative and diverse people are welcome to share their unique stories and monetize their passions on Allcreate!

And the last kick…

Start creating captivating content today. You can’t lose from it, but gain amazing friends and make money doing what you love. 

Allcreate provides an enabling environment for all professional and less experienced content creators who wish their voices to be heard. As an added advantage, content creators who produce relevant and useful content get paid via gifts, stickers, and donations during streams.

Isn’t that a great way to create an additional income while expressing yourself?

With all that said and done, it’s time to work on creating your first content online. Join Allcreate, and let’s make it work!