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Did you know that was recently launched as a website? The website intends to take the full benefit of a website with the same name but with a distinct URL.

NETFLIX has come up with two videos on Twitter posted at @Strange_Things on the 12th of April 2022 in both the United Kingdom and the United States. The first video resulted in NETFLIX fans excited for the coming Fourth season Strange Things. What about Let’s take a look below.


Like every other time, NETFLIX nailed the attention of its viewers by showing an old clock, and then concluding the show by informing viewers that the trailer for The fourth season is scheduled to be released tomorrow. The viewers who watched Strange Things got excited and were waiting for the trailer.

On the 12th of April, 2022 at 7:30 pm, the Twitter account @Strange_Things revealed the full size of their trailer that was 3 minutes and 16 seconds long. The trailer told us that war is approaching, and that it will be more difficult than a hurricane. The trailer also discussed the move of family members to Hawkins which may not be secure anymore. In the next section, we’ll examine No matter what the difficulties they make a decision to triumph at the final.

The trailer contains clues that are time stamped at different times. The fans immediately began to unravel the clues. The trailer’s latest social media posts provide crucial details at the time of at 00:33. 00:52. 1:46 and 2:30 in the 3:06-minute extended trailer.

At the time at 0:33, viewers spotted the letters I, A, and M. At at 0:52, the word “HELL was found. At 1:46 the alphabet of S was found and then they came across that word MASTER. One viewer accessed to the URL Iamhell But not

Iamhell is in fact associated with The fourth episode of Strange Things. It’s a one-page website with countdown times that end on the 29th of April 2022, on the same day NETFLIX will be airing four seasons! doesn’t offer anything by itself, other than the links to sites that sell different products and services. The website is an online search engine in its early stage. The policy’s content as well as contact information for customer service aren’t specified as is it is not known who the owner of the website is obscured by using Internet censorship.

About Iamhellmaster com :

NETFLIX trailers has helped Iamhell to gain a huge to grow in popularity. Profiting from the trend began operations on the 21st of April, 2022. It is worth noting that boasts a low Trust Index of 1% and a business rating below average of 42.9 percent and an Zero Alexa rank. was rated 42/100 on the suspect report.

Conclusion: is an Scam that is trying to make use of NETFLIX Strange Thing Trailerwebsite Iamhell that is trending across the internet. The goal of is unclear since it doesn’t offer any specific category of products or services or information to provide. The domain could have been registered in order to be sold in the near future to make money since the domain is already well-known.