Masters and companies in the cleaning industry are always in demand. For this reason, the competition in this niche is quite strong, pushing business owners to find new ways to attract new customers. Entering the digital market is the most effective one. So, if you run a company that provides cleaning and washing services, you need to work on building a fantastic website. The quickest way to achieve this goal is to select a laundry WordPress theme on the TemplateMonster marketplace and fill it with your content. No coding or web development skills are required, only your desire to stand out from competitors and a few hours for customizing the layout. Let’s know about this solution in more detail.

Laundry WordPress Theme – Quick Guide

WordPress is an open-source content management system that allows people to build a professional website without technical experience. Due to the versatility and flexibility, the template based on this platform comes with a user-friendly interface that is understandable for everybody. You get early-prepared layouts that you fill out with photos, videos, service descriptions, prices, and other content that helps you present your company completely. Besides, the design is thought-though and comes with big white spaces between blocks with information that creates an atmosphere of purity and freshness. You also get a range of possibilities for making your web presence functional and powerful, about which you know more below.

Top Features of Laundry WordPress Theme for a High-Quality Website

Pre-made layouts include the necessary elements to present your activity to a wide audience. They can help you to showcase to people you provide fast, complete, and quality service, which they expect to get. For filling the template, you will use an intuitive admin panel. This tool is perfect for adding any type of content, moving elements, and changing them the way you need. You also get various features for making your site powerful and customer-friendly:

  • responsive design;
  • SEO-optimized;
  • mobile-friendly;
  • performance optimization;
  • retina-ready;
  • dropdown menu;
  • portfolio;
  • Parallax;
  • background video;
  • JQuery, and more.

The documentation attached to each asset will be handy during customizing, especially if you employ a ready-made template for the first time. Various instructions and guides for using built-in opportunities will help you have a simple and quick site creation process and present your services professionally.

Free VS Premium Laundry WordPress Theme – Which is Better

Undoubtedly, you came across two types of templates on the global web – free and premium. And before starting creating a web presence for your cleaning company, you need to determine which one suits your needs more. For that, it is better to know more about their pros and cons. 

  • Free products. Among the pros are availability and lack of cost. They are good for practicing customizing the layout or building personal projects. However, if you need a high-quality and professional site, free items can’t help you deal with this task because they are not unique and have limited features. Besides, they are not supported, so if you have difficulties in their use, you must resolve these issues yourself.
  • Premium assets. Such products are more popular among entrepreneurs because they contain everything needed for a fully-functional site. Uniqueness, advanced features, proper customer support, the highest performance, fast loading speed, and other advantages are included in paid assets. Their opportunities are wide, which allows you to create fantastic web pages, present your services from the best side, and provide people with a great user experience.

Match your purposes and business needs with embedded possibilities of costless or paid products to determine which type of digital asset suits you more.

Few Tips for Squeezing Maximum from Laundry WordPress Theme

Opening your site, potential clients should get all information about your company, including your working approach, goals, services, prices, benefits from referring to you, etc. Informativeness is necessary to prove to everybody you are a professional in your field. Besides, the visual appearance of the web presence should be eye-catching and pleasant to make people enjoy and feel relaxed while browsing your pages. The well-chosen color palette will help you to create such an atmosphere. High-quality photos of before-after results and videos of providing cleaning services will also give the audience a complete understanding of your offer in an attractive form.

It is essential to mention a great site experience you should provide for your visitors. The dropdown menu will help you achieve this result via a list of items that appears when a user clicks on it. Due to this feature, your content will be structured, allowing people to navigate your pages effortlessly and find the needed service quickly. 

The last point to pay attention to is visibility in the search engines. All assets from TemplateMonster contain SEO-friendly code to help your project be shown in the first positions of the search results. You may also improve your SEO by adding unique content with keywords related to your industry. To sum up, if you consider these simple tips, you will make your website attractive and successful, which will stand your cleaning business out from others.