Write A Book
How To Write A Book In 5 Steps

Writing a book is a long and time taking process and it’s always better to get prepared before you start. There are a few steps that you cannot skip if you want to efficiently and quickly write a book that will be a best seller. You’ll have to find a great topic and original names for your characters, in order for your book to be unforgettable. 

1 – Find the perfect name for your character 

The names of your book’s characters are so important, as they help readers to distinguish who is acting and help you keep them paying attention to the story. But this will only be possible if you find some very catchy names. If you want to find original names quickly, with no stress, you can use online tools available nowadays for anyone coming from any country in the world. One of these famous tools is Random Name Generator. Make sure you try it today if you choose the perfect names for your characters. 

2 – Find a perfect writing place 

Any writer needs inspiration, so make sure you get yours. This may be somewhere outside in the nature, with songs of birds and natural sounds. Or maybe you prefer your comfortable desk and chair inside, with or without your headphones and a good piece of music. What you see will inspire you and allow you to build a dream book. 

3 – Identify the most unbelievable idea to capture your readers 

Ask yourself what kind of book you want to write. Is that a fictional book or rather a book based on a true story of life or on history? No matter what the type of book you choose to write, make sure you find a topic that is in trends, a topic that will invite people to read. 

4 –  Create a catchy title 

A very important thing about a book is the title. Most of the people are “conquered” by a beautiful or mysterious title and take the decision to buy the book. You can make your book be one of those wo attire by the cover and by the title. Who said that the first impression matters was actually right. 

5 – Make a schedule for writing your book and stay consistent. 

Any writer will tell you that writing a book needs efforts, time, inspiration and consistency. Start by making drafts, then put all of them together to create your story. Put this activity on your “to do list” and take time daily to write a bit or correct what you have already written. You’ll have to dedicate special time to your book ( to make research, to write, read, ask for opinions), but if you keep going, your results will be rewarded. Take this challenge: ask a writer where he has started. He’ll tell you he started with the hard work, step by step. That’s what you also need to do and you can start with the 5 steps above.