How To Win Money At Fish Tables Online?

Many experts believe that fish table online is a game suitable for many audiences, regardless of age. Even those who have never played entertainment can still join the fish table gambling game online real money easily. Of course, to conquer the game, customers without experience need a strategy, because no game relies solely on luck, players also need to take advantage of many other factors:

1. Shoot enough bullets

Players should remember that as long as the fish receives enough ammo, the fish will die. This is an extremely simple strategy but extremely effective. Players can’t shoot bullets into the water continuously, so it’s a waste of money, every bullet is bought with real money.

If the player uses the ammo properly, the player will kill more fish in the same amount of time involved. Each fish species will correspond to a different number of bullets, all information is clearly stated in the payment table section. Players should learn carefully and carefully calculate the number of bullets needed for each fish species.

2. Use the mustache technique

Most online fish table game players want to catch big fish, because they think that the bigger the creatures, the more attractive the rewards they get. Although small fish are much easier to catch and many small fish combined can still equal the bonus points of large fish. Plus focusing on small fish is less risky than big fish. Players might consider slow firing, rotating the barrel repeatedly and releasing bullets one at a time at matching creatures.

Players should remember that when players lose their bullets, they do not earn any bonuses, whether it is big fish or small fish. Players should take advantage of gun angles, making sure two bullets do not go in the same direction of the barrel, then players will minimize their losses.

3. Increase Ammunition

Players can increase ammo in the process of catching fish, when the fish get enough bullets in a short time, they will die and the player receives an extremely attractive bonus. The focus of this strategy is on the player to gradually increase ammo when hunting a creature. However, when the player has a solid financial position and does not need to save, the player will apply this method.

4. Learn and Apply Algorithms

Each version will need different tactics, if the player finds that the game is suitable for the application of the algorithm, the player should boldly use it to improve the chances of winning. For those that don’t fit, players should stop, adjust their ammo and find other ways to improve their own game.

The algorithm is applied as follows: bullets rank from 1 to n. If bullet 1 will die at number 2, 4 and 30, then bullet 2 will die at number 3 and 9, bullet 3 will die at number 6. However when players use this method, players need to apply it in the most appropriate way. consistent and unchanged during participation. The more fish die, the higher the player’s chances of winning.

5. Stick to the player’s budget

Each player will have a different participation amount and that budget will stick with the player throughout the game. However, if the player wins, the profit will increase and the player’s bet will be able to start a new, more explosive game with a bolder investment. Many players when participating often do not adhere to the budget, they may be tempted and have no control over their own finances.

6. Speed ​​Control

In fish table online, players need to control the speed of the fish, control the amount of money they use and also the amount of bullets the player shoots When the fish is small, the fish’s speed is usually fast and the player can only shoot from 1 up to 2 bullets, so the firing speed must follow the moving speed of the fish. In contrast to the slow moving large fish, the player can shoot 2, 3 or 4 bullets at them. However, large fish need a lot of ammo, so players also need to invest in ammunition and weapons to hunt them.

In short, with this strategy, players need to control the speed of the fish, comment on how many bullets they should receive to be able to defeat. From there, players can successfully hunt!

7. Shoot the fish that just left the table

Players can focus on shooting the fish that have just appeared on the screen. Compared to moving fish, hunting fish that have just appeared, players need to adjust the gun hot, those fish are also much easier to catch. Players should have a pre-calculation, because then there are many fish appearing at the same time, without preparation, the player will hardly be able to successfully hunt.

8. Aim for bounty targets

During the game, players will encounter attractive bonus targets such as pearls, balls, mermaids, golden dragons,… When the player successfully hunts those creatures, the player can get huge rewards. However, players remember that they are difficult to successfully hunt, extremely difficult and they do not appear often. Players should wait for them to move to the middle of the screen, release powerful bullets and apply other weapons, the player’s ability to succeed is extremely high!

Currently there are many versions of fish table games at online casinos, players can freely choose and apply strategies to conquer. One of the famous games with many main versions is Ocean king online real money or Golden dragon game, after each game the player’s bonus points will be converted into money and withdrawn to the bank account. It’s great to be able to both have fun and earn extra income!