How to Wear Statement Jewelry Effectively, Glamorously, and Easily

One of the easiest ways to add some pizzazz and glamour to your look is by donning some statement jewelry. But if you’ve never ventured beyond basic stud earrings or a delicate necklace, the idea of wearing a piece of jewelry that really stands out can be daunting. 

The key to wearing statement pieces with confidence is to keep the rest of your look simple. Let the jewelry be the star of the show by pairing it with subdued clothing and makeup. A bold necklace looks great with a little black dress, for example, while a pair of dramatic earrings can glam up a jeans-and-tee combo.

When it comes to buying statement jewelry, trust the stores like GemPundit that offer an enchanting variety at the best prices. Here are some tips to wear statement gemstone pieces with style:

Choose One Statement Piece

When wearing a statement piece of jewelry, it’s best to keep the rest of your accessories simple. Choose one standout item, like a pair of chandelier earrings or a bold cuff bracelet, and let it take the center stage. Or, if you’re sporting a bracelet, don’t also wear a ring. 

Wearing multiple pieces of statement jewelry can look cluttered and overdone. Even if you’re wearing just one piece, keep the rest of your jewelry small and delicate. This way, all the attention will be on the statement piece.

Think About Proportion

Another important factor to consider when wearing statement jewelry is proportion. If you’re petite, for example, a large necklace or chunky bracelet may overwhelm your frame. 

Likewise, if you have a larger build, delicate jewelry may get lost on you. Choose pieces that are in proportion to your body size and shape for the most flattering look. Never afraid to experiment, too – you may be surprised at what looks good on you!

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Consider Your Outfit

As we mentioned before, it’s important to keep the rest of your outfit subdued when wearing statement jewelry. A busy pattern or vivid colors can compete with the jewelry and make your whole look appear too busy. Stick to solid shades or simple prints when pairing your outfit with statement jewelry.

A piece that looks great with a casual tee and jeans might not have the same impact when worn with a formal gown. When in doubt, keep it simple and let the jewelry be the star of the show.

Go for Quality

When investing in statement jewelry, it’s important to choose pieces that are well-made and of good quality. Cheaply made jewelry can look tacky, so it’s worth spending a little extra to get something that will last. You can determine the quality of a gemstone by its color, clarity, and cut. 

Choose pieces with stones that are vibrant in color and have few blemishes or inclusions. The gemstone should also be well-cut so that it sparkles and catches the light.

Choose the Right Stone

With statement jewelry, it’s all about making a bold color statement. So, think about what colors will complement your outfit and skin tone. The top options in colored gemstones include:

Ruby Stone: 

The redder the better when it comes to rubies. These gemstones range in color from orange-red to purple-red, and the more saturated the hue, the more valuable the stone. If you’re looking for a ruby statement piece, choose one with a deep, rich color.

Sapphire Stone:

Like rubies, sapphires come in a wide range of colors, from blue to pink to yellow. But when it comes to statement pieces, Blue Sapphire Stone are the way to go. Choose a stone with a deep, intense color for the most impact.

Emerald Stone:

For a truly eye-catching statement piece, choose an emerald with a deep, rich green color. These gemstones are rare, so they can be quite expensive. But they’re definitely worth the investment if you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that will make a statement.

Red Coral:

Red coral is a beautiful, unique gemstone that ranges in color from orange to pink to red. It’s perfect for making a statement, especially if you choose a piece with a deep, rich color.


Onyx is a beautiful, glossy black gemstone that makes a bold statement. You can choose an onyx bracelet or pendant to add a touch of glamour to any outfit.


The color purple has been associated with royalty, nobility, and prestige for centuries. Since Ancient Rome, amethyst has been seen as a stone of protection, with many believing it had the power to ward off drunkenness and encourage sobriety. 

Pick the Right Size

When it comes to statement jewelry, bigger is definitely better. Choose a piece that’s big and bold, and make sure it’s the focal point of your outfit. Oversized earrings, chunky bracelets, and bold necklaces are all great choices. They can make even the simplest outfit look chic and stylish.

Pick the Right Style

When it comes to statement jewelry, there are endless possibilities. But some styles are more impactful than others. Look for pieces that are dramatic and eye-catching, like chandelier earrings, cocktail rings, and statement necklaces. You can opt for gemstones like diamonds, rubies, or sapphires, or go for something more unique, like colored stones or pearls.

Whatever style you choose, make sure it’s something you like and feel comfortable in. After all, the point of statement jewelry is to make a bold fashion statement. So, experiment as much as you want and have fun with it.

Wear it With Confidence

When you’re wearing statement jewelry, it’s important to exude confidence. Make sure you carry it off with poise and self-assurance. So, make eye contact and wear your jewelry with pride.

Keep your outfit simple and let the jewelry be the star of the show. You can go for an all-black look and let a colorful piece of jewelry pop. Avoid busy patterns or loud colors that will compete with the jewelry. Stick to classic silhouettes in solid colors for the most impact.

Now that you know how to wear statement jewelry, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. Experiment with different styles and colors, and have fun with them. With a little confidence and a great sense of style, you can rock any piece of statement jewelry.