How To Use Xl Candy on Pokemon Go explains both how to get and how to use XL Candy.

Are you a huge Pokemon fan? Want to know the latest updates in Pokemon Go? The Pokemon series and games have a huge following in the United States, Canada. This article provides How to Use the Xl Candy in Pokemon Go along with other important information.

What does XL candy mean?

To level up your Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you need to use candies. Normal candies are able to increase the Pokemon’s CP up until a maximum level, 40. But these XL candy break the threshold beyond 40. This XL candy is able to give the Pokemon power up to level 50.

However, in order to use candy XL, a trainer must reach level 40. For additional boosting players will need to use the candy XL along with stardust. It takes 10 XL candy in order to power up the Pokemon.

How To Use Xl Candies Pokemon GO

These candies are just as good for players as any other candy. The main difference between candy XL and regular candies is that it is more powerful and easier to reach level 50. To activate candy XL, players can tap on the Pokemon button to select the power-up button.

It can also serve to upgrade Pokemon’s evolving line. The Pokemon XL candy can be used to increase the power of the Pokemon XL.

To upgrade their Pokemon to level fifty, players will need nearly 296 XL candies.

Need of XL Candy

How Does Xl Candy Help? It allows Pokemon to reach higher levels, such as level 50. This also gives them more fighting power and makes them stronger. It is very useful in fighting at the club. It also allows Pokemon to evolve and gain more Pokedex access.

As players level up, they will be able to receive more rewards as well as super challenges such as powering the legendary Pokemon or evolving Eevee. There will be many enticing rewards for players, such as rare XL chocolates, premium raid tickets or super incubators.

What can I do to get it?

Gaming enthusiasts are constantly searching for answers to questions such as ” Use Xl Candy in Pokemon Go” (or “How to Get it”) You can make it happen by.

  • A catch of a mythical, legendary or more evolved Pokemon will guarantee you at least 1 to 3 XL candies.
  • A raid boss will grant you one xl.
  • A Pokemon can only be traded for XL candies by a Trainer Level above 40.
  • A pokemon can be hatched to get xl candy. 10km and 12km eggs can produce 24 xl candies.
  • Walking with a friend
  • Exchange 100 regular candies for one XL can candy.
  • Pokemon Exchange
  • Meltan box use


The article Use Xl Candy to Play Pokemon Go gives detailed information about the candy. The game is compatible with both a tablet and a laptop. It’s free and available in the Google Play Store, Apple Store and Google Play Store.

The game is enjoyed by more than one million players every day. So players should learn how to prioritize their work prior to playing this game. Get more pokemon update.

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