The Simple Guide

Ensuring every part of your home is thoroughly cleaned is essential to maintaining a healthy home environment. This includes decorative accessories like your carpet. As a home asset, the carpet is naturally exposed to an accumulation of dirt and grime given the direct traffic it’s exposed to. Keeping it clean and well maintained will not only reduce the impact of wear and tear but also increase its longevity. Homeowners are advised to have their carpets cleaned thoroughly at least twice a year (or more, depending on the foot traffic in your home). For the best results, it’s wise to consider the services of expert carpet cleaning professionals like Zerorez and ensure to vacuum your carpet at least once a week before the next clean. 

Have you bought or rented a carpet cleaner and are looking to clean your carpet yourself? Cleaning a carpet the right way is a huge task. Any mistake can potentially cause damage to your carpet, and you want to avoid such a scenario. Before starting the task, it’s advisable to take your time and prepare adequately, as carpet cleaning is not a last-minute job. Keep in mind that the carpet will take time to dry, and you should include this waiting time in your plan (this may be as long as 24 hours after cleaning, depending on the quality of the cleaner). Read on to learn the best steps to go about it and keep your carpets squeaky clean. 

#1: Move All Furniture Off the Carpet 

The first thing is to clear all furniture from your rooms. Doing this will ease the cleaning process and ensure all the hard-to-reach areas are accessible. You can opt to clean the carpet room by room or section by section if you can’t remove all the furniture at once. You’ll have to work around any furniture that may be too heavy to move. 

#2: Vacuum the Carpet

Once you’ve cleared all furniture, vacuum your carpet like you usually do to remove as much dirt, debris, and pet hair as possible. The idea is to ensure no loose dirt when the carpet is wet. 

#3: Pretreat Heavy Stains or Spills

Next, identify and pretreat specific deeply soiled patches. Most of these target areas will be places that experience a lot of foot traffic. Ideally, a pretreat should last at least 5 minutes before embarking on the main clean. A carpet shampoo may be handy for eradicating dried-in stains for a spotless look. 

#4: Read the Cleaners Manual 

While it can be tempting to skip (more so if you’ve used a cleaner before), reading the manual and instructions with your carpet cleaner is highly recommended. Carpet cleaners come in different brands and models. For instance, some may require a special formula that works best with it, while others may have separate tanks for warm water and formula. Aside from knowing the best suitable type of formula, the manual will also guide you on the recommended amounts. 

#5: Set Up the Cleaner 

After going through the manual, it’s time to set up your cleaner. Identify the water tank, detach it and fill it with hot water to the recommended level. However, don’t use extremely hot water (such as boiled or microwaved) as you may risk getting scalded or damaging the machine. Also, some carpet types, such as woolen, will need cooler water. Next, add the designated carpet cleaning formula to the water tank to the recommended level (depending on the carpet cleaner model. Some will have separate tanks for the detergent and water.  

#6: Slowly Clean the Carpet 

After plugging the power cord into an outlet and turning on the cleaner, locate the heater buttons and flip them on. You can finally start the cleaning. Move the cleaner back and forward, starting from the furthest point from the door. Remember not to get the carpet too wet (wetter is never better). It’s also crucial to adjust the cleaner dial to the recommended cleaning settings depending on your type of carpet and soiling extent. Clean and rinse with dry passes while keeping a keen eye on the water tank. Empty and refill as soon as it’s filled with dirty water. You may have to change the water severely depending on the size of the area you’re cleaning. 

Once you’re done, leave the carpet to dry for at least a day. You can hasten this by ensuring all windows are open and, if possible, set up a dehumidifier or fans in the rooms. 

Your carpet is an essential decorative asset in your home, and keeping it clean is crucial for longevity. Replacing a carpet is expensive, and every homeowner’s dream is to have it serve them and their families optimally for as long as possible while still looking marvelous. Given its everyday use, dirt and other debris are bound to get lodged in your carpet. With time, the accumulated items will find a way deep into the carpet fibers and negatively affect their integrity if not cleaned on time. Whether planning to DIY or hire a professional, carefully deep cleaning your carpet for at least every 6 months should be your priority. A well-maintained carpet will last between 5 to 10 years, depending on the use and quality.