Tiny homes have really become popular over the last few years and are a great option for homeowners looking to downsize in order to save money every month. There are even cities now across the United States that have been using tiny homes to help shelter the homeless. Your standard tiny home will have an average 300 square feet of living space and with today’s creative designers, you never have to miss out on anything you wouldn’t otherwise find in a larger home. From amenities like a kitchen, dining area, laundry facilities, bathroom and bedroom, these tiny homes are the new trend and their popularity doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Perks To Owning A Tiny Home

Having a tiny home on wheels or even a non-moveable tiny home can provide you an economical way to live without the hassle of having a mortgage that you’d otherwise be indebted to for a substantial portion of your life. They also give a homeowner the opportunity to design everything to really make the home their own. Since these homes are smaller, a homeowner can save a good amount of money on electric and water usage each month. If the tiny home is on a trailer it can easily be moved to a new location without too much hassle. They can easily be accommodated at any of the RV parks across the nation. Is there really any better way to travel the world than from the comfort of your own home?

Have A Tiny Home To Move?

While there are many tiny homes that have been constructed on site, there are plenty more than have been crafted and must otherwise be transported from one city/town to another and then set up at your destination site. Tiny homes that are prebuilt can be had for as little as $10,000-$30,000 depending on the home’s size and included amenities.     

If you plan on investing in a new home be it a large family style home or a smaller compact tiny home, you will want to ensure its protection from damage. This means not only having adequate homeowner’s insurance but if you have a tiny home you will need to secure a reliable mover for your tiny home transport to its new destination. 

Can I Just Haul It Myself?

Since you own your tiny home, you can simply hitch it to a trailer and drive it away to wherever you’d like. This scenario may be ideal if you are looking to travel around the country and spend life on the road. Moving a tiny home on your own can however be costly and may not be something you really want to do on your own.

Most tiny homes have tires that were built to simply deliver your tiny home and not meant for long distance travel. Before setting out on the road with your tiny home you should invest in a good set of tires that are rated to accommodate the additional weight and distance needing to be travelled.

For a tiny or mobile home transport, you would need to rent either a large truck or already own a truck capable of pulling heavy loads. If you haul a tiny home with your own truck, it can put a lot of wear and tear on your truck as well as cost more for fuel getting it moved to a new location. 

Ready To Ship Your Tiny Home?

Heavy Equipment Shipper is a transport company specializing in heavy haul trucking and can easily get your tiny home scheduled for shipment to any state in the U.S. as well as overseas. Our experienced agents are standing by to answer any questions about the process and to help get your shipment set up and delivered exactly when you need it. Give them a call at 866.411.1173 now to get started.