The modern hat market is extensive and you will find different types of hats in the market as per your preference. But nothing can outrun the effectiveness and versatility of the men’s cowboy hats. Cowboy hats are unquestionably one of the most popular fashionable and functional hats that will protect you from the sun while also showcasing your western fashion statement. Even though cowboy hats were specifically designed for men, nowadays women are also wearing modern cowboy hats for both formal and informal occasions. 

Ranchers and wrangles used to wear cowboy hats for specific reasons. One of the best benefits of cowboy hats is that they will provide you with comfort and shade. This is why they are perfect for the summer months. But that doesn’t mean you cannot wear them during winter or fall. 

Just like the other hats available in the market, you need to pay close attention while purchasing and wearing the cowboy hats. Even if you purchase the perfect cowboy hats, you won’t be able to pair them with your outfits properly if you don’t know how to style the cowboy hats. Here are some effective tips you need to remember while styling your cowboy hats. 

Purchase the Perfect Hat

The cowboy hat market is wide and you will find hundreds of different styles and sizes of cowboy hats. Hence, you need to provide both time and effort to choose the perfect one that can boost your personality and self-esteem. Some popular cowboy hat styles include derby, pinched front, cattleman, and gambler. To know the perfect design, you need to try all the cowboy hats so that you don’t end up purchasing the wrong one. Apart from that, you also need to ensure that the cowboy hats can sit on your head perfectly. This means that you need to be aware of the size. Otherwise, wearing them might become an uncomfortable experience for you. 

Felt hats are dressier and straw hats aren’t relevant for daily use. Therefore, choosing the perfectcowboy hatswill be able to complement your outfits and personality. Don’t forget to consider the buckle, establishments, and suede weave of your cowboy hats. 

Avoid Taking Advice from Other People 

If you don’t take advice from other people before taking decisions in your life, then why you should prioritize someone’s opinion while purchasing or styling your cowboy hats? This is one of the most important styling tips you need to keep in your mind. As per Medium, people will give you advice from their point of view. Don’t take advice or any type of suggestion from other people regarding the purchasing process of your cowboy hats. Even if they tell you that cowboy hats are not modern and ineffective, don’t listen to them. 

However, you need to choose cowboy hats from the best manufacturer. When you purchase durable, high-quality, and stylish cowboy hats as per your fashion sense, they will never fail to showcase your power, confidence, and attitude. 

Consider the Basics 

Make sure you should never style the cowboy hats by wearing their backyards. Nowadays, many modern men are doing this step and they assume that this helps them stand apart from the crowd. This is wrong as wearing the cowboy hats backward will ruin your entire appearance. Many modern cowboy hats feature a small bow on the inside. This bow is placed around the sweatband. While styling your American cowboy hats, ensure that the bow is placed at the back of your head. The low point of the cowboy hats is at the back and the high point is at the front. Despite the quality of the cowboy hats, you can always spot the difference. 

Be Careful With the Angles 

The brim is one of the most essential parts of the cowboy hats that you need to focus on while styling the hats. But you need to understand the purpose and meaning of the brim properly. The brim of your cowboy hats will determine your attitude as well as your personality. When you tip your hat over your eyes, you will make yourself more mysterious and serious. This is why the Western sheriffs used to tip the brim of their cowboy hats. Tilting the cowboy hats slightly to the right or left will also help you look more confident. But keep in mind that pushing the brim too far might ruin your fashion sense. 

Pick Your Outfits Carefully 

If you don’t live in Texas and still want to showcase your fashion statement with cowboy hats, you need to be careful when choosing your cowboy hats. If you think that using too many western outfit ideas will make you look like a cowboy, you’re wrong. You need to choose the outfit as per the color and design of your cowboy hats. 

You will always look good in a plain white t-shirt. While going with boots, make sure you choose something western. Solids, flannels, and sweaters will also help you stand apart from the crowd. 

You need to pair your cowboy hats with a blazer or any other suits if you intend on attending formal events. This way you can capture the attention of many people. Don’t choose fancy jeans. Instead, choose something plain to wear with your cowboy hats. Avoid jeans that will make your leg look skinny. 

Show Some Restraint

This is another important cowboy hat styling tip you should remember. Don’t forget to consider one western outfit idea each time you wear the cowboy hats. This will help people realize which part of your outfit they need to focus on. If you’re wearing great cowboy hats for the first time, consider avoiding mullets, fringe, studs, dusters, chaps, tobacco, etc. 

If you want to boost your boldness, make sure you choose the statement belts. But pairing them with cowboy hats will make your appearance too competitive. Do not wear a bandana with your cowboy hats. 

How Can You Wear the Cowboy Hats Properly?

While choosing and wearing the cowboy hats, one of the most important things you need to know is the occasion or event you’re planning to attend. Determining the theme of the occasion will not only help you choose the perfect design and color for your cowboy hats, but you will also be able to choose the perfect material. Not to mention, this will have a large impact on your budget. 


These are the cowboy hat styling tips you need to know. Do you have any questions or queries about the cowboy hats? Make sure you let us know.