Are you a fan of playing the games that you can play on Pokemon? Pokemon game? Like, for instance Are you familiar with Pokemon Legends: Arceus? What the possibility of having Wyrdeer by yourself?

Gamers all over the world are looking for ways to achieve this. Don’t worry because we’re here to provide you with every detail. Follow the article to learn the steps to Stantler transform to become Wyrdeer. In order to make this post more informative, we’ll begin by explaining the game.

What’s with what is the Pokemon Legends Arceus game?

It is a role-playing video game created by Game Freak and published with The Pokemon Company and Nintendo. The game came out on the 28th of January, 2022 to mark its 25th birthday. Pokemon.

Pokemon Legends Arceus got immense popularity in the first week of its launch. The reason for its popularity is that it uses Pokemon to discover the world which did not exist in earlier games.

That’s why, of all the options, Stantler evolution is foremost accessible to players. That’s that how to Stantler evolve is a popular topic today. Furthermore, Pokemon Legends Arceus is part of the eighth generation of the Pokemon video game franchise.

Stantler address- where to look?

You can see it in many regions, including the Deertrack the heights and the Deertrack heights Obsidian Fieldlands and the Glacier terrace in Alabaster Iceland. Additionally the search for Stantler is not a problem in Alabaster Iceland, as you will be able to be able to see them any time regardless of the weather it is.

Furthermore, you will also find Stantler within Stantler’s Wayward Wood of Coronet Highlands regions, Windbreak Stand of Cobalt Coastlands.

How can Stantler transform to Wyrdeer during this particular game?

After you’ve found Stantler After you have found Stantler, you can apply several tricks to transform into Wyrdeer. Wyrdeer is a big-horned Pokemon you can acquire when you follow the instructions in the following:

  • First , you must take a step forward and get to 21.
  • Level 21 unlocks the Psyshield blast.
  • Then, master it and advance to 31.
  • After you have completed it the challenge, you must use the Agile version 20 times in the course of a fight.
  • Once you have the inventory open, click on it and begin the evolution.

You must remember some things prior to taking the steps for how to Stantler evolveinto Wyrdeer. Using Agile Style cause less damage but move quickly. Additionally it is worth noting that this Style moves uses twice what you get in PP. However, as we all already know, Psyshield Bash is only 10 PP and you are able to use it only five times.

About Wyrdeer:

Wyrdeer has strong, sturdy legs that allow them to run across the region at astounding speed. Once you have them, you are able to accelerate the speed even more by making Wyrdeer sprint forward.

Additionally, you can even let it jump over obstacles by making them leap. It will also determine its safe route with its antennae.


After reading this article, How to Stantler evolveis no longer a concern. Instead, we’d like to help you figure out the best methods to accomplish this. You are able to learn more on Pokemon Legends Arceus here.