Eyelash extensions are part of the best female fashionable things. It is very easy to shower with eyelash extensions, but how? Here complete guide on how to shower with eyelash extensions?

Here we will discuss how to shower with eyelash extensions?

They are not complete makeup but just semi-permanent makeup. Due to this, eyelash extensions are different from strip lashes. It is very easy to wear the eyelash extension for weeks. If you take care of them, it will be long last till to month. There are many things to discuss to protect the eyelashes, but here we will discuss the shower with eyelash extensions.

Normally there is no issue with eyelashes to take a shower with them. But you should take care of your eyelashes extensions at least for four hours because these four hours are very important for the adhesive of eyelashes.

During the shower with eyelash extensions, you should take care of the high water pressure. The direct aiming of water can damage the eyelash extensions. It would be best to avoid rubbing your eyes or directly applying hot water to your eyelash extensions.

Before moving toward the shower with eyelash extensions, there should be a question in your mind. Can you get eyelash extensions wet?

Of course, you can wet your eyelashes because the eyelash extensions are waterproof. So the answer also clears that there should not be any issue to shower with eyelash extensions.

Here are some precautions you should take during the shower with eyelash extensions.

Avoid using the Googles:

There is a fake myth about showering with eyelash extensions: to use the googles during the bath. It is not true. There is not any advice to use Googles during bath with eyelash extensions.

You should wear Googles only for the first four hours of completing eyelash extensions so that they should not damage.

Rubbing can damage the Eyelashes:

Although taking a shower with eyelash extensions is a normal thing. But if your eyes get soap in them, flow water softly in your eyes instead of putting a high water pressure in them. It will let the soap remove your eyes without disturbing the eyelash extensions. On the other hand, they will damage if you scrub them.

Water pressure highly damages the eyelashes:

Showering with eyelash extensions demands a preventive measure of water pressure. The eyelash extensions are sensitive to high pressure of water. In any condition of applying a high pressure directly to your eyes, it will damage the eyelashes. So always keep in mind to avoid directly applying high water pressure to your eyes.


So, the above discussion about how to shower with eyelash extensions explains some preventive measures. These precautions increase the life of eyelashes extensions. So during shower with eyelash extensions, keep these precautions in mind. Do you want to know the latest fashion trends and buy the best accessories? The latest fashion blog will give you the best information on fashion trends and the accessories you need to buy: shoes, clothes, bags, and more!