Asian woman is using a notebook computer for work at home and she is sitting on her bed and she is quarantine during the coronavirus epidemic.

If you want to grow your business, but like many people costs are a concern then fear not. Whilst, in some respects business has become ‘trickier’ over the last few years, problems also bring solutions, of which you could really benefit from. What if you could run a business from Malaysia without actually having to move there or spend half your time travelling to and from just to sign some documents?

Business critical services

Thanks to technology, you can literally make use of any services you want from anywhere in the world, take accounting from Malaysia, for example. Do the maths and figure out how much it would cost to set up shop, employ staff, buy all the tech that you need, get it all fitted, as well as all the other red tape fees and costs here and there, it soon starts to become an inconceivable idea, which most people would shy away from.

Now, take a look at how much it would cost to either set up a virtual office space, or to employ a team of experts to do it all for you. There might be some formalities that you need to take care of, but you wouldn’t need to up sticks and move, nor would you need to spend all of your time over there! 

Tech solutions

When it comes to saving costs and being able to scale a business as quickly as possible, without tons of taxes, it doesn’t get much better than remote tech solutions. Cloud services have already become an everyday tool for most people, let alone businesses, and you can pretty much host a meeting, or make a video call anywhere in the world!

With the right tech, you can keep connected with your team, employees, clients, whoever you need to, whenever you need to. Something that, at one time was a farfetched school boy fantasy, or a sci-fi pipe dream that would never happen, well, now you can, from the palm of your hand. Be it conference calls, private meetings, whatever you need is right there ready and waiting!

Location services

Even better still, you can hire virtual office space too, so, not only do you not need to be in the same room, or country, you can have a meeting space, or simply just a ‘virtual’, postal address too. Who would have thought that this would have been possible a decade, or so ago? 

You could have somebody based at the office space, if you actually want to host meetings, or not, the beauty is, you have the choice, and you don’t need to set ‘buy’ into anything you don’t need!


One of the best parts about getting professionals to take on critical business tasks is antidisestablishmentarianism; you can quite literally step away from the ‘norm’ and the ‘system’ whilst they become accountable. Sometimes, that’s a luxury that money simply can’t buy, and surely for most people, there must have been a time whereby, being able to hold somebody else accountable for a minor, or major hiccup would have quite literally saved their bacon.