If you’re an owner of a brand, small or medium sized business, you must be always looking for channels to share news about your products or services – and in 2022 Instagram is without a doubt the platform that can provide that channel. Moreover, due to the progress of the last years, it has lots of media formats using which you can share those news for free: for example, reels, stories and IGTVs. But, still, the competition amongst the bloggers is pretty high, and to succeed in the shortest period of time you have to know a thing or two about social media marketing for business: what tools work and what don’t, where to start and do you need to buy Instagram followers to boost your page? We’re going to figure all of that out in this text. 

What to begin with

If you have just registered or aren’t paying enough attention to filling your page with content, you have to do that first: take care of your main picture, your bio, the links in the description which will lead your potential followers and clients to the resources that you want them to see. Upload at least 9-12 posts to your profile, so that it would look filled and decent and would hold all the essential info for your potential buyers to get familiar with the product or service that you’re trying to advertise and sell. 

After the content base is formed you can buy real Instagram followers to strengthen your positions on this platform and make your profile look “weighty” and decent. Further you’re going to use other promotional methods, such as targeted ads and PR from bloggers, and people who are going to come to your page because of these methods will see that your profile is already liked and supported by many. This visibility will help you to exclude situations where people don’t want to follow the bloggers because their page doesn’t look interesting and popular enough.

But make sure that you’re taking on real subs, because fakes and bots can harm your page and ruin its statistics. Although, the real followers will bring your account to a new level of popularity generally in no time. 

What else to do

As we have said, after the base via paid subs is done you can proceed to working with the bloggers by dint of free (mutual) and paid (sponsored) PR. However, if you’re a brand, life is easier for you – you can simply mass sell the bloggers from your niche some sort of a PR package to make them review it in stories or posts, and this way the audience that you’re seeking is going to see your product and might become interested in it.

This method won’t hit on your budget a lot and at the same time will make your brand or business way more visible in the online environment than it was before. So use it and don’t forget to talk about the conditions of such PR packs with the bloggers in the beginning – some of them agree to make a positive review no matter the small inconveniences for an additional payment, so maybe you could use this option to make yourself sure of a nice result in the future.