Losing a loved one is something no one ever comes to terms with, no matter the time that goes by. Most people do learn how to move on, but nothing brings back painful emotions like going through your loved one’s possessions and home. So, how do you prepare for a deceased estate clearance? Your first solution can be hiring Commercial Junk Removal Services in Kansas City, Kansas | EZ Junk Removal. But if you want to do the clearance yourself, here are several tips you can use.

Plan and Strategize

You’ve probably heard of this quote, “Failure to plan is planning to fail.” And this quote speaks volumes when it comes to deceased estate clearance. Create a reasonable timeline for when the different tasks in the clearance process will be completed. You also have to indicate who will be responsible for each task.

Dealing with your loved one’s possessions can draw up lots of feelings. Rather than go through the emotions alone, why not have friends and family who can help you throughout the process? You can also use your schedule to work with a junk removal company. By indicating your wishes, it gets easier to work with a clear-out service that listens to you.

Locate the Right Documents

You need to have the right documentation for a deceased estate clearance. The important documents you must have in your possession include wills, bank statements, certificates of property/ title deeds, tax returns, and shared information. Having the right documents with you for the deceased estate clearance could be crucial to estate executors, other members of the family, or any other financial and legal matters of the estate.

Sort the Items

While estate clearance does come with lots of highly valuable items, there are also lots of unwanted properties you may have to discard. After your loved one’s death, the distribution of their possessions or estate is normally in the hands of an executor. But once probate is granted, the assets can be shared according to the terms of the will.

However, problems arise when dealing with smaller items, so it is important to ensure that you sort them. These items could be furniture, appliances, cookware, and jewelry. It could also be sentimental items like photographs and old letters. If you have numerous relatives to consider, it would be a good idea to have them present so you can sort out the belongings.

Keep What Matters to You

Now that your relatives and loved ones have taken items they are emotionally attached to, you must do the same. Start by grouping all the items into four categories- keep, store, donate, and discard boxes. These categories will help make it easier for you to know what’s sentimental and what’s not.

Sell the Items You Can

With all items sorted out into categories, it’s time to move on to things you have no emotional connection to. This could be lounge suites, guest room furniture, or garden tools. If you have the energy and time, selling them would be an excellent idea. This ensures they don’t end up taking up more space in the home.

If you have antiques you want to sell, make sure you have them officially appraised. This will help you get a better idea of their financial value. It will also keep you from selling your antiques for less than they are worth.

Junk Removal

With all the sentimental items sorted, it’s time for the junk removal process. Clearing out a single room is lots of work. Now imagine doing so for a whole estate; that can be quite challenging, especially if you work full-time.

Well, the good is that there are professional junk removal companies you can hire to help assist with the deceased estate clearance process. With a junk removal service, you get professional help that will work considerately and fast. They will remove any unwanted green waste, rubbish, or building supplies from the estate. They will also get rid of any unwanted furniture, all of which will help save you energy and time.


The last step of the clearance process is cleaning. After spending all your time organizing and decluttering your belongings, it’s time to clean the estate. The good news is you don’t have to do this yourself; you can hire a cleaning company to help you with the process.

Deceased estate clearance is a long process, but it must be done. So, try to be kind to yourself and ask for help wherever necessary.