Card games are very popular in India. From the youth to the aged population everyone indulges in these games. Among the most popular card games, Teen Patti takes the first position. It is known as the Flash game of cards worldwide. GetMega is one of the most visited gaming platforms in India chosen by people to play this game. Besides Flash, you also get to play other card games like rummy. The platform also has an amalgamation of games from several genres. Be it a casual game or a game from the trivia genre you can play 24*7 live on this application. In this article, we will know the details of the card game Flash.

Basic Rules of Teen Patti

You need to know the following rules to successfully play a course of Teen Patti:

Dealing cards

  • A dealer in the game is randomly chosen. Every player gets three cards which the dealer deals in a clockwise manner. 
  • The player who is sitting left to the dealer gets to bet first. Betting is continued in a clockwise fashion. 
  • You can either choose to bet through the following chances or fold the cards without betting. 
  • The existing stake determines the ransom you have to give  as a bet to keep playing the game. 
  • The existing stake at the beginning is the minimum bet. While through the game your current stake is the ransom that is bet by the player who played before you. 

Blind or seen

  • You can look at the cards dealt with you before betting an amount. 
  • However, you can also choose to keep the cards on top of the table facing down. 
  • If you are a blind player then you have the option to see your cards at any time while the game continues. 
  • However, when you see your card you are no longer a blind player. You become seen player and can’t see your cards further. 

Betting rules

For blind players

  • If the opponent who played before you is a player who is seen then you have to bet an amount that is at least half the existing stake. 
  • On the contrary, if you play after a blind opponent then you have to bet an amount equal to or twice the existing stake. 

For seen player

  • If the opponent who played before you is a player who is seen then you have to bet an amount at least equal to the existing stake. Or else, you have to bet an amount twice the existing stake.
  • On the other hand, if you play after a blind player then you have to an amount at least twice the existing stake. Or else, a value 4 times the existing stake has to be bet. 

Betting exceptions

The betting goes on till these things take place:

  • Each player folds cards excluding one then the player playing last will be declared the winner of the pot. It is done irrespective of the set of cards that the player holds. Besides, that player’s cards are not exposed to the others. 
  • Each player folds cards excluding two alongside the last two players who must show at their turn, then the cards of these players are flipped up and displayed to the others. But if both of them have the same set of hands then the player who chose not to show wins. 

Show rules

A show can only take place when two players are left. 

For blind players

  • If the former player is blind then you request for a show after paying the present stake.
  • However, if the player is seen then you can make a demand for a show after settling half of the present stake. 
  • You do not get to see your card before you pay the required amount. 

For seen players

  • If your opponent is blind then you should ask him for a show for an amount double the existing stake.
  • On the other hand, if the opponent is seen then you can tell him to show the amount equal to the present stake. 

When every player is seen

  • In this case, post betting the current amount you can plead for a compromise with the previous player. This is called a sideshow. However, the player can either take your offer or reject it. 
  • If the player accepts to compromise then you two can compare your set of cards independently. If you have the card ranking lower than your opponent then you have to fold. If both of you have equal valued cards then the player asking for a compromise has to fold. 
  • If your opponent refuses to compromise then the betting will continue. 

Money crunch

  • You can still play a game of Teen Patti in case of scarcity of money. However to continue the game you should either get money on top of the table or from your personal account. Or else, you can choose to go all in. 
  • When you choose to go all-in the side pots are generated to declare the winner. 
  • A side pot is not the main pot. It is separately made by the contribution of only a few players. Hence not every player gets to play for this pot. 
  • This situation only happens when one of the players chooses to go all-in. While the rest of the players keep betting in a regular manner. Also, the bet made by the rest of the players should be more than the player who chose to go all-in. 

Suits and their ranking

Unlike the other card games, Teen Patti has suit rankings as well. The ranking is done for the ease of determining a winner. That implies if two players are stuck with the cards of the same denomination then the person with the higher-ranked suits wins. Below is the ranking of the suits in descending order:

  • The first priority is given to the cards belonging to the ♠ suit.
  • Second, priority is given to the cards from the ♥ suit.
  • Thirdly, priority is given to ♣ suit.
  • The bottom position is given to ♦ suit.

Teen Patti has numerous more terms and conditions to understand which you can learn while playing the game. GetMega is an ideal platform to learn and execute the game live. Several tournaments happen throughout the year on different games. You can win a good ransom by participating in them as well. It is certified by multiple authorities so gambling here is safe and legal.