Cheating spouses are becoming more and more common nowadays, and modern social media apps have made it a lot easier to deceive the partner. If your spouse has become a little more secretive and their phone usage has increased abnormally, they might be talking to someone you are not aware of. In such situations, it becomes important to know the real story and find out if they are into someone. So how to monitor a spouse’s text messages remotely to find out the truth behind their changed behaviour?

This article will answer this question in detail.

How to Read Your Spouse’s Text Messages without Their Phones via KidsGuard Pro for Android?

If your spouse is not 100% transparent and you are doubtful about their activities, the best solution for you is to use KidsGuard Pro for Android to monitor text messages. KidsGuard Pro for Android is a special application designed for tracking and monitoring your spouse or any other individual. It will empower you to know the real story behind the behavioural changes of your spouse. In case they are in a relationship with someone else, you will be able to see their text messages, calls, location, photos, videos, browsing history, and app activity from the comfort of your home.

With the help of KidsGuard Pro for Android, you can perform the following operations to monitor your spouse:

Calls and Messages

KidsGuard Pro for Android gives you access to monitor your spouse’s text messages and calls. You can see their conversations in real-time from the comfort of your device screen. Besides, you will be able to see their call log and monitor with whom they interact. It puts you in a dominant position to keep an eye on their activities without them knowing.

Location Tracking

If your spouse is out of home at unusual times, you can track their location to know where they are. Sometimes, your spouse might deceive you by saying that they are in office, but actually, they might be meeting someone in a park or a fancy restaurant. This is where KidsGuard Pro for Android comes in handy and tells you the exact location of your spouse in real-time.

App Activity

Another cool feature that KidsGuard Pro for Android offers is that you can check their app activities. So if they are exchanging photos or videos, you will be able to see them in real-time. Besides, you can monitor their social media apps to track their conversations.

Screen Recording

Another notable aspect of KidsGuard Pro for Android is that you can record your spouse’s screen and see their real-time activities. You will be able to watch and track their phone screen in real-time. As a result, you will be in a commanding position to monitor everything your spouse does on their phone.

Outstanding Features on KidsGuard Pro for Android to Catch a Cheating Wife

If you are suspicious that your wife is cheating on you, KidsGuard Pro for Android has got some of the best tracking features to make it easier for you to catch her. You can track their calls, messages, location, screen, app activity, browsing history, view photos & videos, and take screenshots to have evidence with you.

The best part about KidsGuard Pro for Android is that you perform all these things remotely from your device’s screen. Moreover, KidsGuard Pro for Android works in a stealth mode and is undetectable. It means your wife will not know that she has been tracked and monitored.

Complete Guide to Spy on Your Cheating Husband’s Text Messages with KidsGuard Pro for Android

KidsGuard Pro for Android is highly user-friendly and easy to use. You can start monitoring your spouse’s activities in just four simple steps.

Step 1: Create your account for KidsGuard Pro for Android.

Step 2: Download the KidsGuard Pro for Android app from the given address and set it up on the target phone. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Step 3: Verify your setup on KidsGuard Pro for Android online dashboard and start monitoring your spouse’s text messages and more.

How to Tell if the Other One is Cheating on You Over the phone?

As technology advances, cheaters develop new techniques and methods to betray genuine relationships. Nowadays, it is getting abnormally common to cheat someone over the phone. However, there are several tips and tricks which demonstrate that the other person is cheating on you over the phone.

Following are some of the most common things which can give you an idea if someone is cheating on you.

Over Protective About Phone

The smartphone is a very personal thing, and many people keep it private. However, if someone suddenly changes and they become abnormally sensitive and secretive about their phone, it might be a red flag. The sudden change in their phone sensitivity could be a reason if they are cheating on you.

Unusual Phone Activities

If they develop new habits of excessively using their phone, this change might indicate that they are cheating on you. They might not also be reachable at unusual times, or their phone is busy, which can be a red flag for you. This could potentially be something you are not aware of.

Mental Absence

Another aspect that can indicate that someone might be cheating is their mental absence. They will be around you physically at a certain time, but you will be getting his attention. This can be an indication that they are mentally occupied by someone you don’t know.


When cheating becomes so common, staying one step ahead of your spouse is vital. To do this, get your hands on KidsGuard Pro for Android to keep tracking your spouse and know everything they do. With the help of KidsGuard Pro for Android, you ensure that your spouse does not cheat on you, and you are aware of all their online activities in real-time.