When moving offices, you should do a required stocktake before you order office supplies or product at least two months before the move date. This way you know where to get the items delivered. The longer you wait, the more expensive it will be for delivery and there’s no need to ship twice as many items since they’ll all come together in one shipment. Plus, coordination with suppliers saves time too so that everything arrives on-time without getting mixed up or lost during transport which, can happen if people aren’t careful about what gets shipped where once things get sent out from our warehouse.

Utilize the weekend

Moving office on weekends can be a great way to minimize downtime for your staff. You’ll also need some people who are willing and able work over the weekend, but thankfully there should be plenty of volunteers if you pay them overtime rates an option in which they won’t mind. Booking last minute services will ensure you don’t have any problems when it comes time to move into or out of space. Canberra removalists provide affordable rates on weekends so that no matter how many floors need transporting, it will allow you to fit the costs within your budget.

Designate a Move Manager

It’s important to plan every detail before the move. This includes hiring professional tradesmen and decorating your office. The move manager will be the one to handle the overall move and is the person that makes the final decision. The move manager will have the responsibility of liaising with the managers of each team, passing down processes for staff to follow. Each person needs to be assigned their own box and computer equipment crate that clearly identifies which level it should go to. Having a move manager will make managing the office relocation process a lot simpler as everybody knows who they should turn to if they have questions regarding the move.

Staff documentation

When you’re moving into a new office, it is important that your entire team be made aware of the change. The move manager ideally should come up with a process that staff could follow in order to pack their own desk and computer equipment and leave clear and concise instructions on labelling. They should then co-ordinate the flow of this information to other managers who can drip it down to the staff they manage. This way they can plan and organize travel accordingly so as not to miss any deadlines or meetings while traveling from one place of work to another. It’s also an excellent time for letting stakeholders know about what will happen with their project, especially if there are delays caused by those pesky last-minute problems.

Manage your assets

An office with 5 employees will be much easier to manage assets then one that houses 1000 employees. The asset management process should not be taken lightly. A move without proper care can lead to expensive mistakes, lost equipment, cost implications and time wasted. One great way you could help your company avoid these headaches would be by using an easy-to use software to register your assets. These programs will seamlessly track all aspects of ownership, life of the asset and when it can be deregistered from the asset register. By managing your assets, you can be sure that all valuable assets are accounted for during the move.

Moving the Server room

When you’re about to move your servers, it’s important that a professional mover is used. This will help avoid any potential problems and ensure smooth delivery of services with no downtime for customers and staff. Make sure you have you information technology team co-ordinate the move of the servers and someone who has a technical background. Depending on how large of a scale your server rooms are will depend on the complexity of the move. Most certainly this will need to be completed during the weekend and after peak times if you were to avoid minimal interruption.

By following these tips, we hope that moving your office will be a lot smoother and you have the confidence to tackle the move by minimizing downtime. Like with anything, preparation is key and the more that you can prepare the less likely you will encounter problems that you haven’t allowed for.