The Joker is one of the world’s most recognizable figures. If you’re going to a costume party, Halloween, or a comic book convention, dressing up as the joker costume is a terrific option. As a result of the several incarnations of the Joker over the last half-century or more, you now have an abundance of possibilities. Various portrayals of the character can be combined to create something fresh and original.

Step 1:

White makeup sets the appearance of water-activated face paints. Spray white face paint with water. Then soak cotton into the paint. Spread white paint on your face and reload as required. Cover your hairline and jawline. Give your lips some room. You’ll paint your lips crimson, so don’t waste paint. Close your eyes and carefully dab paint around each eyelid.

Step 2:

Add a sizable red grin. Grab a cotton ball or pad and activate the red paint. Carefully paint the grin using a red ball or place. Extend your smile 1–2 inches past your lips. Curve each cheek upward for the Joker’s smile. Don’t overthink it. Joker’s makeup is untidy. Keep your grin narrow for a comic book. Alternatively, you can use red lipstick. It may have a different texture.

Step 3:

Depending on the style, use black or blue eyeliner. No eye makeup is needed for the traditional Joker appearance. Apply black paint around your eyes for the Heath Ledger appearance. Add blue diamonds over each eye and crimson eyebrows—fast-drying face paint. After painting your face, wait 30-45 seconds before touching it. Don’t paint your eyes black if you want to appear like Heath Ledger. It’s splotchy and shows flesh. Wet a cotton swab and smudge your eye a bit.

Step 4:

If you want to have an authentic Joker appearance, you need to get a tattoo on your face or a crimson nose. If you’re going to seem like the movie Joker, paint a red circle on the tip of your nose to give the impression that you have his signature red nose. If you want to look like Jared Leto from Suicide Squad, you need to use black face paint to put the word “Damaged” in cursive letters on your forehead. This will complete your costume. Then, draw a lowercase letter “J” under your left eye and a little star over your right eye to complete the look.

So, why is Joker’s suit red?

Bridges stated that the Phoenix’s Joker outfit was designed to match Arthur Fleck’s history while speaking about it. Naturally, Fleck is the fictitious character in the world of DC Comics who evolves into the Joker. He went through his formative years in the 1980s, when fashion embraced vivid and striking hues. The 1980s were a particularly fashionable decade for wearing bright and vibrant colors, even though many individuals still do so now. As a direct result, Bridges created the Joker costume to consist of a red jacket with matching red trousers and a yellow waistcoat.