So you’re an escape room veteran already. But you want to make your child experience that thrill that you feel when you’re entering escape rooms but you are not sure whether an escape room trip is good or beneficial for your kid?

Then this article is for you! Here’s three tips on how to make your escape room trip kid-friendly, that will make the most out of it!

  1. Ask for safety and evacuation plans

This is tip number one. Make sure that all escape rooms have a safety and evacuation plan in case of emergencies especially for the kiddos. Also you can ask the staff directly to monitor your kids while being a bystander while they’re at the escape room.

Safety and Evacuation plans are of utmost importance especially in cases of emergencies such as an earthquake or power outages. Which needs to be explained carefully to your young ones.

  1. Make sure the escape room is kid-friendly

There are a lot of kid friendly escape rooms. Just know how to ask your favorite escape room near you or your friends that have experienced escape rooms. A kid-friendly escape room also involves beginner puzzles, and riddles that are especially made for kids!

The games, riddles, puzzles, and challenges should also be kid-friendly which means according to their age. Sure, there is a time limit consideration, but we’re talking about kids anyway who are still developing which means they need more time to solve riddles and challenges.

Another thing to consider is their ages and whenever they are ready to be grouped with other children. Some children prefer to work alone, and some shine when working with a group, so it is best if you know the qualities that your kid has even if there are kid-friendly escape rooms.

  1. Check out promos and discounts

Always be on the lookout for new promos and discounts! Just key in fun things to do near me then a plethora of discounts and promos await you.

Also, several escape rooms offer promos and discounts for returning or frequent customers so make sure you make the most out of this for your kids!

Final Words

Who said that children aren’t allowed in escape rooms? Escape Rooms are good for developing the cognitive abilities of children as they are forced to take on new puzzles and riddles and work together as a team.

There are many benefits that an escape room offer for children, with one of them boosting their cognitive skills, as well as increasing their cooperativeness with others and social communication.

As an additional tip, there are escape rooms with levels of difficulty, choose the most appropriate one for your children or their group to make sure that is a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone!