It is a great time to make a career in the field of arts and design. We’ll tell you how. With the advent of social media, artistic jobs have spanned through several mediums, allowing people from all walks of life to pursue a career in this direction. Artistic jobs exist in many sectors across the online and offline world and artists in the 21st century require a blend of artistic, technical, and professional skills to make a lucrative career in this industry. 

When the pandemic struck and people were trapped in their homes, they turned to art. The world needs art and artists now more than ever. With the diversified medium of publishing, getting famous as an artist has never been easier. But pursuing a career in the field is a different minefield altogether. The competition has never been stiffer, because making a career in this industry is quite tricky. Here’s how you can make a career in this industry. But first, let’s explore the highest paying jobs after completing your degree in the field of art and design.

Here are the best job profiles with a degree in the field of art and design:

  1. Art Directors
    After completing your art degree, you gain the eligibility to oversee the creative direction of a project and manage artists under you. It is a leadership role. You need to discuss goals, conceptualize ideas, determine costs, and schedule the campaign. Professionals are also required to apply their skillset and learned expertise in marketing and advertising.
    To get the job as an art director, you need a bachelor’s degree in the field and the experience to work with artists and industry leaders on projects. Building leadership, managing time, and communicating with the team are some of the skills of an art director. 
  1. Multimedia Artists and Animators
    Multimedia artists and animators are responsible for planning, designing, and creating images and artwork for media projects. Artists develop plans and edit animations and work in collaboration with other animators and creators to execute the perfect designs. This includes extensive knowledge of pop culture, public perception, and a deep understanding of the comic/gaming culture. The top skills of an animator include collaborative working, movie designing, animations, photoshop, live studio, and direction.

    Most animators are armed with a BA in fine arts or a bachelor’s degree in the field of arts and a well-designed portfolio. Additionally, they also have strong communication skills and the ability to work with multiple software.
  1. Special Effects Animators
    Special effects animators move images and create lively movies with the help of various media formats. They are employed in television, and movies, and work with experts to create computer-generated images for commissioned projects.

    Animators are professionals who work with artists to maintain the aesthetics of a design/project. These projects span for a couple of years and need a focused and dedicated eye of an expert. Artists with a bachelor’s degree have an edge, although this job is more about personal skill and less about formal knowledge.
  1. Fashion Designers/Brand Heads
    Fashion designers are in charge of creating clothes that appeal to the general public. Fashion designers head the creative direction and style file of an entire clothing house and are responsible for the sales of the products. Through their research, creative style, personal skills, and market trends, they design the clothes of the future.
  1. Museum Directors
    Museum curators and directors acquire, preserve and present museum collections and artifacts and work in collaboration with artists and creators to compile the best collection for their museums.

    Museum curators work with other museums to gather new items of art as well. They develop themes and design events at the museum to bring in new visitors. Museum curators can specialize in single or multiple fields of art, design, and fashion. To get a job as a curator, you must have a master’s degree in art history and a strong grasp of the history of art. Skills in this field include analytics, organization, and customer service. 
  1. Photographer
    Photographers are some of the most sought after artists in the industry. The universities in Bhopal pay special attention to the training and courses of budding photographers. Capturing captivating images for projects/people using various methods and techniques is a unique skill that can be refined with an arts degree.
    The new-age photographers are tech-savvy and must have the knowledge of different kinds of equipment, photo tools, drones, microscopic camera lenses, etc. 

Here’s How You Can Make A Career in the Field of Arts and Design

  1. Enroll in a fine arts degree: It goes without saying that having a formal educational background in the craft not only makes you a better artist but also exposes you to an entire group of people who think like you and have picked the same career path.
  2. Make a portfolio: Put your art and design in a single place so it is ready to present to people during various job opportunities or networking events. Make sure to have a digital copy of your portfolio with you at all times and do not hesitate to share it with the right people as much as possible.
  3. Get active on social media: Social media is a great place to kick start your career. Being an out-of-college fresher can be daunting, as not a lot of companies are ready to onboard underdeveloped talent. Social media is the place where you can present your work for free. 

In conclusion,    

The field of arts and design is wide open and ready to bring in new talent that can transform the way traditional arthouses work. Despite the curtailment of operations during the years of the pandemic, the world is back and the job market is stronger than ever. Emerging artists with a bachelor’s in fine arts from Mansarovar Global University, Bhopal, can make a career for themselves in the field, and look forward to a challenging yet rewarding career with a strong salary and immense job satisfaction.