T-shirts are an indispensable item in the wardrobe of every girl or boy, especially a teen. And a few parts of young people love to design their prints on the shirt. And not everyone can print themselves if they don’t know how. Here are how to Make a 3D Shirt that Printerval sends to you at home.

What Is 3D Printing?

3D is the abbreviation of 3-Dimension (3 dimensions), i.e., the images are built lifelike. We will see concepts such as 3D paintings (ideas come to life out of paper, picture frames), 3D movies (pictures, sounds as vivid as in the real world), drawing 3D images, …

3D printing: You know how to print ordinary paper, right? It is 2D printing, i.e., the image is displayed on 1 page of the article, temporarily called a layer. Meanwhile, 3D printing is a method of separating a 3D model into layers (layers) stacked on top of each other. Made through specialized 3D printers, the different “paper layers” are made of plastic, resin, or metal, depending on the type of 3D printing technology. In other words, 3D printing is a fast prototyping processing technique so that the resulting product can be grasped and even used as a finished product.

When we understand 3D and 3D printing well, we will see that the concept of 3D shirts or 3D t-shirt printing is not as accurate as the original concepts above. 3D t-shirt printing is printing an image in 3D form or painting with depth on the t-shirt. This 3D image can be small in size; it can also be full size.

3D shirt printing is the most modern printing technology, with unlimited printing frames and colors used to print on t-shirts. 3D shirt printing uses the sublimation printing method to create realistic, clear, vivid, and profound 3D visual effects for the shirt design. It can be said that this unique 3D printing technology “brings the real world to the t-shirt”.

This printing method has some outstanding advantages, such as:

Unlimited colors when printing: With advanced sublimation overflow printing technique that can process many different colors to create an actual 3D effect, print colorful images and textures such as printing landscapes, ombre, galaxies,…

The ink penetrates deeply into each fabric and does not harden the shirt, making the printed shirt softer and prolonging the print life compared to conventional shirt printing techniques.

The print on the shirt is of excellent quality, sharper, and much more realistic than traditional manual shirt printing technologies.

Short print times with extremely high-precision image printing capabilities.

The cost of investment in machinery is also quite low, so T-shirts printed with this technology are also quite cheap.

However, this new printing method also has some limitations, such as: 3D printing on dark fabrics or cotton fabrics is more difficult to color than light fabrics. In addition, not all fabrics can be 3D printed, limited to some fabrics such as: PE fabric, poly spandex, cold spandex, sesame spandex, non-glossy fabric, etc. can be 3D printed.


What Are The Best 3D Printing Techniques Available Today?

Screen printing technology

Screen printing technology is a technique for printing ink to penetrate the image onto the surface of the t-shirt. Screen printing technology is also known as frame printing, screen printing. The craftsman will wipe the ink on the mesh surface with a rubber tool.

Advantages of screen printing technology:

The cost of printing uniforms is cheap when printing in large quantities.

The time to do the printing steps is quite fast.

Print color is bright.

The thin and light ink layer does not harden the shirt.

Method of decal printing

The method of decal printing is to use ink to print on the decal sheet by the action of pressure. Technology is commonly used with outstanding advantages such as:

Can be printed on dark shirt background, including black shirt models.

Prints on bright colors, sharp and durable over time.

Technology creates many attractive and attractive effects.

Digital printing technology

Digital printing is the most modern technology today, applying modern machines to the process. The t-shirt printing process is fast without any preprocessing steps.

Advantages of digital 3D printing technology:

Prints on many different fabrics.

Images are simple to complex to be made without going through the design process.

Fast printing speed, absolute accuracy.

The colors are true and do not fade during use.

Heat transfer printing

Thermal transfer printing is the most commonly used solution today.

Advantages of technology:

Printable on any material.

The technique of making shirts is simple and easy to apply.

The picture quality is sharp, and the colors are exactly as expected.

Low-cost t-shirt printing.

How Do Print Pictures On T-Shirts At Home?

Heat transfer decal printing method

Preparation tools

T-shirt, spray paint, newspaper, nylon cover, iron, glue, tape.

What is the way to do it?

Come up with ideas

You just need to develop a design idea to make the t-shirt look like what you want. You can think of these ideas or can be found online, such as chibi pictures, stylized flowers and leaves, etc., or amazing slogans…

Carry out the visual design

After having an idea and what I want, you use the method using software available on your computer or phone.

You can use the printer to print images and slogans… already on paper. And pay attention before printing should check that the print size fits the shirt. Then use scissors to cut off the edges.

Prepare t-shirts

The next thing, prepare a new plain t-shirt. Place the print on the fabric, then place it on the heat transfer paper.

Proceed to print pictures on t-shirts

Using an iron, set the temperature to 150 degrees. Place the cut and designed decal on the surface of the shirt. Iron over the print area and then move it slowly and evenly over the print area. Then, remove the thermal transfer paper; that’s it, the printing is done!

How to print a picture on a shirt with an embroidery frame?

Preparation tools

1 embroidery frame, 1 thin sock, milk glue, printed pattern, ink for the shirt, t-shirt

What is the way to do it?


Stretch the thin socks to the frame and then start drawing the pattern. Then spread the milk glue on the printed pattern and let it dry.

Print pictures on the shirt

Place the embroidery frame on the position o,f the printed shirt and sweep the color evenly on the frame. Then gently bring up the image, which is the picture you want; wait for the paint to dry, and you already have a shirt.

Print the shirt with Acrylic paint

Preparation tools

Design, knife, scissors, paper cutter, cardboard, freeze dryer, acrylic paint, t-shirt.

Steps to take

Choose an idea

The first thing to print a shirt you need to have an idea to choose the most suitable one. You can choose pictures or words, slogans…

Cut the image

Start putting designs on cardboard with a pencil or use prints and color schemes. After you have the design on the product’s surface, continue using scissors and a paper knife to continue cutting the cardboard to create a space for the ink to penetrate the shirt.

Print pictures on the shirt

Once the cut is complete, place the cardboard over the shirt and secure it with stiff objects to allow the dry sticker to move during the printing process.

Then continue to use the cotton pad or brush to draw the cut design on the piece of cardboard. Finally, gently take the cardboard and use a few freeze dryers to help the paint dry, and then you can use this shirt.

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