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Las Vegas is famous for gambling, shopping, dining, and nightlife. But that’s not all! If you’re interested in this city’s other amazing activities, here are the top 5 things that you must do on your visit. 

  1. Fly on a helicopter and explore Las Vegas

Traveling by plane cannot compare with the experience of flying in the shimmering night sky or the twinkling starlight of Las Vegas. For that, you should book a helicopter ride.

When you watch the vibrant lights of Las Vegas streets and buildings from the sky, you’ll experience the thrill of helicopters. You can go for the Grand Canyon Helicopter tour plus the city tour for the best experience.

The city tour showcases the glamor of Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon tour highlights the natural beauty. The size and grandeur of the canyon will amaze you beyond words and make you want to visit again.

  1. Visit the fountains of Bellagio.

While you visit Las Vegas, don’t forget to visit Bellagio’s signature dancing fountains. They are designed to play with your senses.

Their most intriguing water feature will amaze you instantly, and you don’t need to pay a single dollar to watch the show. Every performance has different bewitching expressions and interpretations.

  1. Learn flower arrangements

The art of flower arrangement is fun, creative, and has no age restriction. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a decorative way to arrange flowers. 

Multiple institutes in Las Vegas conduct flower arrangements classes that teach people how to create a welcoming setting in any given space.

Feeling unsure? Here are some reasons to learn flower arrangement in Las Vegas.

  • Flowers of different colors, styles, and smells work as mood boosters. If you place them in the perfect corner of your home, it’ll improve your mood.
  • If you learn about the purpose of various flowers and colors properly from the classes, it can revamp your abode in minutes.
  • You can utilize your lessons as a hobby or profession. Flower arranging also works as a meditative practice. The Japanese and Chinese adopted these skills many years ago.
  1. Go Kayaking

Another great way to explore the awe-inspiring sceneries of Las Vegas is kayaking – a relaxing and easy water sport. But before that, keep these in mind.

  • If you are a beginner, never go solo. Always hire an experienced paddler or book a tour group.
  • Enroll in evolution expeditions to prepare yourself for this adventurous ride. The training programs will enhance your experience.
  • Consider your outfits before going Kayaking, as your comfort and safety depend on them. Select your clothes based on the local weather and temperature. Choose multiple layers to beat the cold, but also ensure the outfit doesn’t restrict your mobility while paddling.
  • Best dresses for Kayaking are rashguards, drysuits, thermal bases, etc. Pick fabrics like synthetic, polyester, or nylon. Don’t wear cotton clothes. It will take a lot of time to dry.
  • Wear Sandals to keep your feet secure on the paddle.
  • Carry sunglasses and a hat to protect your skin from sun rays.
  • Show up half an hour before the ride to discuss safety measures and enjoy the ride timely.

If you’re afraid of water, you shouldn’t pick this unless you want to break free of the fear. 

  1. Play in the escape room

This game was shown in different movies and web series. But if you’re unaware, players must find a hint to escape a locked room.

To have the most fun while playing this in Las Vegas, bring your friends and show off your puzzle-solving skills.

It’ll also strengthen your team’s bonding as you all need to communicate with each other constantly and plan strategically to escape.

You can also choose from a variety of themes to match your expectations.

Over to you…

If you visit Las Vegas, make sure you have the best time for yourself. You can also explore underwater life, skydiving, etc.

Ensure that you have enough cash before planning these activities. Create a budget and plan how much you are ready to spend on each activity. This will prevent you from going over your budget and regretting later.