This post is about how to get to the Route 224 Beautiful Diamond? The instructions for Route 224 in this article.

Pokemon Brilliant diamond an Pokemon go game that was released within Generation VIII. The game was announced in celebration of the 25th anniversary Pokemon red and green across various countries, including Canada, the United StatesCanada as well as Australia. Brilliant diamond came out on February 27, 2021.

Pokemon sparkling pearl released alongside Pokemon stunning diamond. This article we’ll look at how to get on the Road to 224 The Brilliant Diamond.

About Route 224

There are numerous places within Pokemon games that allow players to acquire new items. These things make the game more enjoyable. A lot of areas are difficult to get to Route 224 is among them. Route 224 is referred to as the Sinnoh Region’s miniature. It’s a peninsula on the island , similar to Victoria road, and is towards the east.

The players are looking for the steps for navigating 224 However, prior to talking about the path, they must be aware that NPC hinder the route. To get rid of NPC from the path it is necessary to gather the nation’s Pokedex and overcome Elite 4. Elite 4. So, prior to learning how to get to the Route 224 Amazing Diamond We will discuss the national pokedex.

How to get National Pokedex?

To get to the magnificent Pokemon diamond and sparkling Pearl Route 224, we have to open your national pokedex. Here are the steps needed to unlock the national Pokedex to access national Pokedex:

  • To obtain the Pokedex players must have seen 150 Pokemons from Pokedex Sinnoh. Manaphy is an optional feature.
  • It is not mandatory for players to capture these Pokemon. They have to have seen the hatching of eggs or combat.
  • After the players have completed this process, players will need be at the Pokemon research lab in Sandgem Town and talk with Rowan.
  • Following this, the Oak professor will show up and give you a the Pokedex.

How to Get to Route 224 Brilliant Diamond ?

In the preceding paragraph, we’ve discussed the steps required to obtain an National Pokedex which is necessary to travel on route 224. Once you’ve got your national dex, you can join the Pokemon league by using Fly HM. Let’s look at the steps you need to take towards 224 and 224:

  • After you’ve reached Pokemon league, move towards the waterfall before going to the inside of Victoria Road.
  • Take the direction of south, and cross the bridge. For a climb down it is possible to take the assistance by Rock Climb.
  • Then, you’ll be able to see the Elder’s head toward the elder. There are stairs to climb up and follow the steps.
  • After that, you’ll be greeted by an NPC that is blocking the way. According to How to Access Route 224 Brilliant Diamond it is possible to continue to climb the steps below, after showing your the national dex.
  • You then meet up with Marley and she will stay there until you reach the final point of the room.
  • When you reach the end you can climb the stairs , and then leave from the Victoria road. After that, you must escape two rooms.
  • In the end, you’ll be on the Route 224.


The players must be aware that they are able to access route 224 after getting access to the National Pokedex and defeating the elite four. The article below we’ve covered all the essential details about how to get to Route 224 Brilliant Diamond which is required for gaining access to route 224.

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