This post explains The Route to Rold Route as well as other pertinent information about the game.

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What Is The Rold Route?

Elden Ring requires exploration. The Rold Route leads to the Rold’s Grand Lift and is one of most challenging locations to locate in the game.

This location is critical to the game’s main storyline. It connects the players with Melina from the Mountaintops of Giants.

How to get to the Rold route Elden Ring?

Here’s the procedure to get there.

  • You will need to use the Capital City fragment map to find the main road.
  • They must turn southwards on the Avenue Balcony road.
  • You will find a large opening in the distance.
  • After unlocking these doors users will be able access the capital’s outskirts.
  • After you open the door, you will see a stairway. You must climb it to face the enemies along the path.
  • How Do I Get To Rold Route A lever will be located at the top and activates an elevator.
  • At the top of the elevator is a bridge which leads the players down to Forbidden Country.
  • The Rold’s Grand Lift is located at the end Of Forbidden Landscapes.
  • Other enemies lie in the route between these two locations. To reach the location, the players must defeat them.

Details about Elden Ring

Let’s take a look at some details about the game now that we have more information.

  • As well as other vital details, the How to Get To Rold route procedure is described above.
  • Elden Ring is a roleplaying, action game. The storyline and setting were created by George R.R. Martin, a highly acclaimed fantasy novelist.
  • FromSoftware is the creator, while Bandai Namco Entertainment publishes this game.
  • It is compatible on all major gaming platforms and operating systems.
  • Read for more information.

The Last Thoughts

Elden Ring is a popular fantasy online game. Many users want to get to a specific place on the game’s map. You can see the complete process here.

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