The medieval fantasy game Elden Ring has won the hearts of gamers all over the world. It has been called a masterpiece by critics and a new genre invention. It has been praised by fans from all over the world, including Australia , the United States, Canada, Australia , and elsewhere in the United Kingdom. Due to the difficulty of the game, walkthroughs have been asked, particularly for How To Get To Melania Eldenring, who is the most difficult boss. This article will cover how to defeat Melania Elden Ring in combat.

The backstory behind Malenia’s character

Malenia is a mythos character in Elden Ring that is powerful and is also twin to Miquella. Her steampunk style with a metal arm and leg has earned her praise. She is one of the most powerful characters among the Empyreans.

How To Get To Melania Elden Ring Do you need to fight her?

It is an optional quest, so players will have to do a side quest. With her incredible power levels and difficult levels, she is one of the most entertaining characters to battle. Malenia is able to heal you on a regular basis, but every attack can reduce your health bar.

Is she a tough boss?

Yes, Melania’s difficulty is at its peak, and that is why it isn’t part of the main story.

How To Get To Melania Elden Ring

You will need a Secret Haligrate magical medallion to help you locate this mysterious boss. Next, locate and enter the crystal lake cave at south Liurnia Lakes. It is located near the map’s shoreline. To get the wolf shack, you will need to defeat a powerful mini-boss.

Continue through the cave and continue to the west through swamps until you reach a wood structure. Through the terrain, you will find Malenia waiting to fight you.

Ways you can defeat Malenia?

How To Get to Melania Elden Ring defeating her requires a lot of skill and the right countermeasure moves. These are just a few of the employee-friendly measures that you can employ.

Duplication- Her ferocity is legendary and she can attack players instantly, causing damage. You can create a clone by using Mimic tears. This will give you more time and better health so that you can survive for longer periods. You can match her abilities by upgrading your skill to level 9 or 10.

Constant attacks- One attack by her can cause serious damage to your health. It’s best to continue attacking her regularly. It might work in your favor if you don’t allow her to attack.


Now you know How To Get To Melania Eldenring. You can defeat her and ensure your victory. Despite her power, she can be frustrating to defeat. However, it can be very satisfying to defeat her.

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