The HONOR MagicBook X15 is a reasonable sub-RM, 3000 note pad expected for regular processing that perfectly joins the brand’s developing gadgets into the 1 + 8 + N biological system. Here is our audit of the HONOR MagicBook X15 that tests whether this spending plan PC is truly worth the cash. As a modest PC, HONOR has dropped the Freepre and the bundling is a non-script card board box that accompanies the actual PC, USB-C to USB-C link, 65W quick charger to juice it. Just check here the original HONOR MagicBook X 15 price available now to you.

HONOR MagicBook X 15 Overview Constructions and Design

Out of the crate, the HONOR MagicBook X15 truly establishes a solid first connection. The top cover is made in a shed in stepped aluminum, which they call Space Gray, which is marginally hazier than the run of the mill brush metal completion seen in different PCs.

The upper sessions included two cutaways, for more straightforward admittance to the higher frets. The lower sessions included two cutaways, for more straightforward admittance to the higher frets. To make it more straightforward to open, they have cut a shallow indent in the lower half of the PC base to make it simpler for the fingers to track down the buy.

The following is an outline of the HONOR MagicBook X15

The lower part of the PC is made essentially of polycarbonate with a space dark completion like the upper cover, the length of which is separated for ventilation. Alongside the case is a couple of descending sound system speakers in the left and right way.

The base additionally has a progression of elastic feet to guarantee that the PC doesn’t slip into insensibility when put on the table. In real use, the speakers were usable on the off chance that they were, best case scenario, feeble and not especially uproarious due to the terminating idea of the speakers at the base, and that implies it works best on a level surface.

HONOR MagicBook X 15 Review Side View

As far as by and large development quality, our HONOR MagicBook X15 audit example ended up being 16.9mm slim and 1.56kg moderately light, making it the best size to convey in a sack the entire day while having a unique mark safe covering. Expansion implies that it will be very much kept up with in regular use.

Honor Magic Book X15 Review – Ports

The pack 65W USB-C charger has HDMI port, USB 3.0 Type-A port and USB-C port on the left for charging obligation. On the right half of the PC is a USB-A port for connecting peripherals with a 3.5mm combo jack.

HONOR MagicBook X 15 audit ports remaining

There is no card peruser and in the event that you are charging a PC, you won’t have any extra USB-C ports to utilize, which is the reason the expansion of a USB center is particularly significant for clients who other peripherals should be combined with the HONOR MagicBook X. 15