You’re not required to do so If you’ve updated your registration sticker for a vehicle or light truck, motorcycle or moped on or after the 1st of March. You may be eligible to receive an exchange or refund of the license plate sticker or driver’s license.

On 13 March 2022 Service Ontario will discontinue distributing license plate stickers to passengers heavy-duty trucks motorcycles, mopeds and other vehicles.

This method is very influential for people living across Canada. The service is available in Ontario. In addition, if you wish to know more information about how to get a refund to replace a Plate,stay connected.

What can this updated License Policy be a Lifesaver?

The elimination of renewal fees for commercial and passenger vehicles will save owners of vehicles around $120 for Southern Ontario and $60 in Northern Ontario every year. Instead, owners of vehicles will receive a check through the mail starting at the close of March and continue all the way to April.

Heavy vehicles are no longer eligible for the current refunds for license plate stickers which is currently in force. Apart from that motorized snowmobiles (such like snowmobiles) aren’t qualified for refunds under the present conditions on the validating sticker that was given.

How do I Get Refunds for License Plates Did You Help Others?

The public is always eager to learn how to claim a refunds. You can’t claim a reimbursement on something similar to a snow vehicle authenticating sticker if the sticker was not ever used.

But, after 4 to 6 weeks, you’ll receive an email with your refund. For a refund request make sure you bring your snow car validation along with the original permit for your vehicle to an Service Ontario center (green permit).

When you contact customer service an agent will discuss all options for refunds and credit along with the steps to receive a refund for License Plate. Moreover, When Pat renewed their license plate with a two-year period in June this was the second time doing it. With their address having been changed, there aren’t any issues that remain unsolved.

Some Important Monetary Updates

In a statement issued on 13 March on the 13th of March, the Ontario government announced that it would no more charge for renewals of license plates or sales of sticker. Additionally, it will pay those who bought stickers within the last two years, if they purchased them prior to the announcement.

Ford also stated that the government would reimburse those who bought license plate stickers before March 2020 on their purchases. How to Receive a Refunds for License Plateshas been a blessing to the public. But, before you can get an amount of money back, you must start by paying off all outstanding fines or tickets that you may have accrued.


Light motorbikes, trucks and mopeds won’t be reimbursed from March 2020 until March 2022. The province will be losing $1.1 billion annually if it eliminating the sticker fee scheme.