Are you a pet lover? Pets are adorable and many people want them. You may have heard of the Adopt Me game.

You must love pets and be familiar with this game. It is known for its ability to trade and earn money, as well as having a variety of pets. People across Canada and the United States all have a common question about the lavender dragon pet. Here’s How to Adopt a Lavender Dragon in Adopt Me.

What’s Adopt Me?

Roblox’s Uplift Games created the Adopt Me game. You aim to acquire, care for, and grow various digital pets through the hatching of their eggs. Each pet is assigned a group, value, rarity, and is then classified.

This is Roblox’s most popular and easily installed game. It is very satisfying to have pets and grow them up. Trading adorable pets is sometimes difficult and can be a challenge. We will now know How To Get Lavender Dragon In Adopt Me, but first we need to know this.

About Lavander Dragon:

  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Price: 350 Robux
  • Publication date: 8 Feb 2022


It is a Dragon skin, and it has a purple outer color. It also has a purple shade for its inner wings and horns. The mouth has two purple teeth, and the eyes look dark and droopy.

The night appearance is darker than the day and has a light purple color on all parts of his body. Mega Neon and Neon look very different. Mega Neon glows hot pink while the neon version is bright.

How can I get a Lavender Dragon to Adopt Me?

It is available through DJ gamepass. Roblox’s Adopt Me offers DJ gamepasses. This pass costs 350 and allows you to play custom music in return. The gamepass also allows you to use the jukebox, radio and DJ lists in the house. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available.

Adopt Me posted the following information on its official Twitter account: Roblox update caused damage to DJ gamepass. They added a Lavender Dragon to their inventories in order to compensate Robux players who had purchased the game.

To explain How to get Lavender Dragon from Adopt Me more, anyone who bought a DJ game pass now owns Lavender Dragon. It is a tradable animal and should be available to anyone who wants it.

If you don’t have a DJ game pass, you can trade it for one. It’s also a legendary pet that has a high trading value.


Lavender dragon is a legend pet. People who have it love its mega-neon appearance. Those who don’t have it are still looking for How To Get Lavender Dragon In Adopt Me.

What are your thoughts on the lavender dragon? If you have one, please let us know by leaving a comment.