Office administrator jobs are a good way to start a new career. Landing a good administrative job is no simple task. You will need to have varying skills to get a good job administrative job. General administrative support, like most jobs, leads to bigger opportunities with better outcomes. It’s like a building block. Whether you’re looking for an administrative position to want good pay or want to join a good company, Best Personnel will ensure you get the right office administrator job and will let you know what exactly you need to land the perfect job. 

What is an Office Administrator?

An office administrator’s duties involve completing office administrative tasks that ensure an office runs smoothly. One of the main objectives of an office administrator is to give support by ensuring the office supplies are well stocked and supervising the administrative staff. Other duties for an office administrator involve scheduling, bookkeeping, purchasing, and updating business drafts, records and documents.

Why Office Administrator Jobs Are Great?

Office administrator jobs are great opportunities to start up your career and slowly build up to something bigger. These jobs have great advantages; for example, through administrator roles, you can work alongside the decision-makers in charge. 

Making yourself necessary to the people in charge is a smart way to secure your job as an executive assistant. Becoming a supervisor’s or Boss’s right hand for everything related to the company is one of the best ways to learn. 

Mostly, you won’t just sit there answering phone calls. You’ll be in a position to become the person that people rely on for guidance, and you will be the de-facto office coordinator. Whether you’re ordering office equipment or just giving your support in general office management, your efforts and anything you do will be acknowledged and appreciated. 

There is a multitude of fascinating companies in Vancouver that require talented and reliable people that can handle business administrator duties effectively. 

Requirements for a Successful Administrator Employee

It’s one thing just to land a job or an interview, but it’s something special when you thrive in your full-time enrolment. Best Personnel is always ready to connect you to the best companies that are urgently hiring. Best Personnel also helps less experienced candidates by giving them the training they need to excel and improve. 

There are certain requirements to start a relevant office administrator position. Not all of these requirements are necessary, as Best Personnel helps less experienced individuals, but they certainly help a lot. 

  • High school diploma or similar
  • Previous experience in an administrative role
  • Know how to use Microsoft Office efficiently and calendaring programs
  • An organized multitasker who can work in a fast-paced work environment
  • Should be willing to learn and grow alongside the company
  • Should have excellent organizing and communication skills

Having familiarity with Microsoft products is one of the main requirements as these will often be the programs you mostly work with. Being tech-savvy is helpful, but eagerness to learn and grow is even more necessary. Having good communication skills and post-secondary education helps a lot as well. 

A List of Things that’ll Ensure You Get a Good Office Administrator Job

There are certain qualities you can have that’ll ensure you get a good office administrator job in a good company. 

Good Manners and a Positive Attitude:

Good manners and a good attitude may not seem like something necessary for a good office administrator job, but pleasant behavior and a good attitude are always necessary. You don’t have to necessarily be outgoing to be well-liked by everyone. You just have to be agreeable. When you get handed over assignments or work-related requests, always ensure that your attitude is positive and accepting. 

Creative Thinking:

Creative thinking is often considered a skill, but not many people possess it. Always offer good suggestions, especially when you’re asked to give one. If you think there is a better alternative for something, feel free to suggest it. Superiors love helpful and respectful suggestions. If things go wrong at work which they often do, always keep calm and improvise to complete your tasks. 


Gossiping can be easy, but it helps to keep anything negative only to yourself. Knowing what to say and when to say it and being mindful of how your words are perceived by others is a useful trait that most business professionals do not possess. 

Emotional Intelligence:

Having high emotional intelligence is useful and necessary in a working environment. Empathizing with people, having sympathy, and reading a room will help in everyday life, including in your working environment. Practice active listening, ask people for feedback, and work on how you deal with negative emotions. All this is very helpful when working as an office administrator.


Employers love people that can multitask efficiently. In reality, you can only do one task at a time, but the real skill is doing the most important task first and handling other tasks according to their level of importance. Prioritizing what’s more important and doing it first, then moving on to lesser important tasks is effective multitasking. Work on your note-taking skills and create to-do lists. 

Working with Urgency:

Try to avoid procrastination as much as possible, as it always leads to poor performance and bad work routines. Whatever the task is at hand, ensure you complete it as soon as you can. If you procrastinate too long on one task, you won’t have any time to complete your other tasks, and your overall schedule will mess up.  

Office administrator duties

There are several duties and responsibilities of an office administrator. These are mentioned below:

  • Welcome visitors and assist if needed
  • Organize conference room scheduling, cleaning, and equipment
  • Respond to emails and answer phone calls
  • Maintain and monitor office equipment, order replacement, and inventory supplies
  • Organize coffee, catering, and other refreshments as required
  • Assist with travel arrangements for managers and office staff
  • Coordinate maintenance issues and building for updates and general repairs
  • Assist to other departments with clerical and administrative support