Purchasing a vehicle is a big decision in everyone’s life. Many people take loans to purchase a vehicle because these assets are expensive, and a loan makes the expense manageable for people because it lets them pay the amount in EMIs. Many lenders and banks offer different types of loans based on your credit scores. For example, a bad credit motorcycle loan and a car loan. 

Owning a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler adds a lot of convenience in a person’s life as it helps them commute to different places easily. A motorcycle is better for travelling to local areas or running small errands as you can not take a car everywhere. Meanwhile, many people don’t have a good credit score because of a lack of sanctioned loans in the past. This score can often lead to difficulty in getting future loans sanctioned. And to get a loan sanctioned, you must give your bank or lender some assurance or guarantee that you will pay the whole amount back. The bank considers a good credit score as an assurance that the person will be able to pay the dues in time. However, if the person doesn’t have a good credit score, he can also get a vehicle loan. 

The following points explain the ways one can get a bad credit motorcycle loan sanctioned from their lender. So if you want a loan, then you can refer to the following points:

Pay a Heavy Down Payment

When you get a loan, you have to pay a small down payment and pay the remaining amount in EMIs, but this is the case with good credit scores. So if you have a bad credit score, you can also get a loan if you pay a heavy down payment. It gives your lender a sense of assurance that you can afford to pay the rest amount within due time. 


Before getting your loan approved or rejected, you get a chance to negotiate the terms and conditions of your loan repayment. You can give your lender assurance by changing the lending terms by increasing the interest rate or reducing the duration of total repayment. You can also show them proof of your regular income to ensure that you can afford to pay the monthly EMIs. 

Compare Lenders

Many lenders in the market offer loans to people with bad credit scores. You can shortlist these lenders and compare their terms and conditions so that you can find the best one out of the lot. The research will also allow you to find the right lender because many fraudulent lenders offer amazing deals but all in the name of confiscating your money. Besides, many lenders have different conditions for offering loans, including verifying employment details, taking other assets as guarantees, etc. 

You Can Get Co-Signers

There is another way to get a motorcycle loan with bad credit; you can find someone who has a good credit score and make him a co-signer with your loan. It will ensure the lender that in case you are not able to pay the amount in time, they can retrieve the money from your co-signer. 

These points consist of how you can get a bad credit motorcycle loan from a lender. So if you want a loan, you can find many online lending agencies that offer people bad credit loans. It will help you in finding the right lender and sign the best deal.