Are you worried about your teeth’ alignment? Or, do you want to have a healthy and beautiful smile? It would be best if you didn’t worry anymore. Invisalign is the best procedure to help you re-align your teeth. It’s clear, and one won’t realize that you are going through treatment. Besides, they are comfortable, and you are not limited to the foods you eat. Therefore, if you plan to invest in Invisalign treatment, you have to ensure that you choose the best orthodontist. You can start by typing ‘Invisalign dentist near me’ on Google’s search bar.

The orthodontist you choose will have a significant impact on the results you get. Below is a list of factors you can use to help you choose the best Invisalign dentist.

Consider Experience

When looking for an Invisalign dentist, consider the experience they have in the industry. With experience, the orthodontist will perfect the treatments they provide. Therefore, you’ll want to consider the number of years the specialist has been practicing. It’s better to choose one with more years of practicing Invisalign technology. They’ll have mastered the technology that is currently best for the procedure. For instance, 3D scanners are currently the best procedure to monitor the recovery process. When considering experience, you’ll also want to consider the cases that the orthodontist has completed successfully. Through this, you’ll get a better idea of the quality of care the practitioner provides.

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The Invisalign orthodontist must have the necessary credentials to operate within your locality. For instance, they need to have a license for the specific state they live in. Every state has its restrictions on issuing licenses to the dentist. Also, the Invisalign dentist must have the necessary certifications to provide the treatment. ABO certification is the most reliable certification to allow the orthodontist to perform the procedure. The best choice is the top 1% as they have performed more procedures and have higher success cases. Also, you can consider if the orthodontist has credentials like Preferred Provider or Elite Provider, issued from Invisalign.

Online Reviews

When looking for an Invisalign orthodontist in your area, consult online reviews. An orthodontist that is focused on building its reputation is less likely to interfere with online reviews. As a result, online reviews will be an ideal place to find more about the quality of care you’ll find at the clinic. Reviews that you’ll find on the orthodontist’s website can be glowing. Therefore, you can look for online reviews to reveal the actual care about the treatment you are about to receive. Traditional sites such as Yelp and Google reviews are ideal places to read these online reviews. Also, don’t forget to read more on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Here, you’ll find both positive and negative reviews that will help you make more informed decisions.

Compare Costs

Quotes you’ll get from Invisalign orthodontists vary considerably. Also, you can come across some orthodontists that quote low but upsell almost all additional services that they provide. For instance, you can find them charging for aligners. Therefore, before you choose an orthodontist in your area, ensure to compare costs. When asking for quotes, ensure that the orthodontist includes X-ray, 3D scanners, attachments, aligners, retainers, in-office visits, and follow-up care. Ask the orthodontist what’s included in the quote they’ve presented to you. Sometimes, these treatments can be covered by your insurance. For instance, when the treatment is performed in a free-standing orthodontist’s office, your insurance is likely to cover it. It can cover a more significant portion of the cost, saving you a lot of money.

Orthodontist’s Tenure

The number of years that the Invisalign orthodontist has been in the industry is the next factor to contemplate. Sometimes, an orthodontist can boast of the number of online reviews they have gained, yet they are for recent procedures they performed. Investigate the clinics that the orthodontist has served in before they come to your town. The reason behind this is to ensure that the orthodontist must have gained experience in practice, even if it doesn’t mean in your locality. As you know, with significant experience, you’ll be looking forward to better treatment. However, you should sense a red flag when the orthodontist is ever migrating to clinics. It can be their poor Invisalign treatment that makes them shift from clinic to clinic.

Choosing the best Invisalign orthodontist in your area is not an easy task. Without proper research, you can end up with an inexperienced choice that won’t give you the satisfaction you need. However, the above tips will help you land the right choice.