Enchanting meals at COYA

When you are new in the UAE as a tourist, worker, or student and have no idea about the best cuisines available in Dubai. You wanted to enjoy, the best meals in your short time and don’t want to have bad food experiences. Don’t worry, I have a solution for you. I am here with the proper guidance about the selection of delicious foods in the UAE. Since it is a place for tourism, you will have a lot of options for your restaurants and a variety of Italian, Indian, Chinese, and Thai food. Every place has its exceptional taste and quality. Let’s discuss the best cuisines in different restaurants in the UAE.

1.Enchanting meals at COYA

COYA is one of the best restaurants in the UAE with many satisfied customers. Due to its popularity, there are three branches of COYA in the UAE namely COYA Dubai located on Jumeirah beach road, COYA Abu Dhabi, and COYA Doha. Their popularity is because of the taste and quality of their food. Popular dishes of COYA include sea bass, Guacamole made table side, Patatas Bravas, Bao’s con res wagyu, Risotto, orange and lime Churros, and cocktails. We can say it provides us with the perfect American and Latin cuisines in a lively environment. The service is good, and the food is budget-friendly.

 2.Cuisines in Amazonico Dubai

It is a Latin American restaurant located in DIFC Pavilion, Dubai, UAE. The quality of food is appreciated by the customers as it has been given five-star ratings. If you happen to visit the Amazon river, you must visit this restaurant and try their popular cocktails, baklava with ice cream, ribeye steak, mango, avocado salad, Patacones mechados, and piña colada. These are the best cuisines that you should try when you are in the UAE.

3.Shawarma at Al Mallah, Dubai

Most people from the Middle East love shawarma. The taste of shawarma is mouth-watering in the UAE.  Al Mallah is situated on Al Dhiyafa road -Al hudaiba, Dubai. It is rated 4.5 for the quality of food. Sliced chicken is rolled in a loaf of soft bread and served with special sauces. It costs AED 6 to AED 10 per plate.

4.Shish Tawouk Sandwich of Mezza house

It is a special dish of the UAE that is not familiar to most tourists, but is famous among the locals of the UAE. It consists of chunks of chicken filled with slices of bread along with herbs and vegetables. The spice is set according to the choice of their customers.  The best Shish Tawouk sandwich is found in Mezza House, Dubai. It cost about AED 10 to AED 115 per plate.

5.Al Harees from AL Harees Al Waldha

It is a traditional dish of Arabian countries. It is more like a porridge prepared with wheat, meat, water, and salt. It takes a few hours to cook. The best Al Harees is available at Harees Al Wadha, Abu Dhabi in the UAE. It costs about AED 21 to AED 42.

6.Al Machboos from Al Fanar Restaurant and café, Dubai festival city mall

It is a non-vegetarian dish and the most appealing food in the UAE. It is cooked by using rice, red meat, fish, and shrimp along with special spices including lemon as a main ingredient. Furthermore, it is served with raita and salad to enhance its taste. The best Al Machboos is served at Al Fanar restaurant located in Dubai festival city mall. It costs about AED 55 to AED 69 per plate.

7.Thereed of Seven Sands Jumeirah Beach residence

It is a slowly cooked recipe of chicken, lamb, tomatoes, potatoes, and bone marrow. All the ingredients are mixed and cooked on a low flame for a long time to give their actual flavour. It is served with white bread or roti. The best the reed in the UAE is served at the Seven grains of sand Jumeirah beach residence. The price ranges from AED 74 to AED 84 per plate.

8.Shirin polo from Farsi restaurant, Business Bay, Dubai

It is a Persian dish commonly known as sweet rice. It is one of the popular foods in the UAE. It is cooked with carrots, rice, and almonds. Mostly it is served at special events such as weddings and parties. You can enjoy the best taste of Shirin polo at the Farsi restaurant, Business Bay, Dubai. It cost about AED 73 Per plate.

9.Khuzi from Bu Qatair fish restaurant

This dish is known as the national cuisine of the UAE. If you are hungry, it satisfies your hunger pangs. It consists of lamb which is roasted and served with rice, vegetables, and nuts. The best khuzi is available at Bu Qatair fish restaurant, 32B Street, Fishing Harbour 2. Its price ranges from AED 21 to AED 42.

10.Fatteh from Ayam Elezz

It consists of three layers of bread adsorbed by stock, yogurt, tahini sauce, and chickpeas. It is served with paprika, parsley, and pine nuts which enhances its taste. It is the perfect dish for your dinner. The best Fatteh is served at Ayam Elezz located at Umm Suqeim. It costs about AED 26 per plate.

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