Gifts, cards and messages all make a birthday special to the one celebrating it. This is how they get know how treasured and cherished they are by those around them. This cannot all be possible if the well wishers are not familiar with the date of birth of the person. Ways on how to find somebody’s birthday are the solution in that case. Other solutions are found on

One simple way would be to go straight to the person and ask them. But I believe that is not the solution you are looking for. This may be due to a number of reasons. You might be looking to surprise the person on their birthday. They might have told you the date of birth but you forgot. Those are some of the reasons you might not go straight to the person and ask them.

There are solutions you can try besides going to the person for the date of birth information. One way would be to go online and use the internet. The internet has made finding information on a number of subjects quite a breeze. One such source of information is Google.

Search from Google

Google is known worldwide as the go to place for information on anything. You can also try searching that birthday information on the person from Google. A search on Google is simple. Just enter the name of the person on Google’s search bar and search. It might prove productive to include other details that you have on the person. This can be details like middle name, location (city, county, state), occupation and college. This will help in eliminating unwanted results from your search, making them more precise.

Facebook Birthday Search

Facebook is the world’s leading social media network site. Chances are, the person you want to find the date of birth for is a member on the site. A search from here will only be appropriate. It might even happen that you are friends on the platform. To find out the birthday on Facebook:

· Log into Facebook.

· Find the search bar.

· Enter the name, username or email address of the person on the search bar and search.

· From the results, find the one you want and click on it.

· The person’s profile will then be revealed to you.

· Go through the profile and try to find the date of birth.

There are chances that the person did not include their birthday on their profile. The date of birth information is not compulsory on Facebook.

Other recommended social media platforms that the person might be on include LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. This is just a summary on how to find someone’s birthday on social media.

Inquire from Other People Close to the Person

Online solutions are not the only option on how to find someone’s birthday for free. There are offline solutions too.

Asking from other people who are close to the person is one solution. They might have an idea of the date of birth on the person. These are people like close friends, co-workers and relatives. You must be delicate with your tactic as other people might find this creepy. You will also need to plead with them not to tell the person that you askes for their birthday especially if you are planning to surprise them.

Another solution can be personal documents. Date of birth information is available from documents such as passports, birth certificates, driver’s license, Curriculum Vitae and government issued IDs. If you have a way to access these documents, then you can find what you are looking for from them.

With these methods on how to find somebody’s birthday for free, anything is possible. They all come at no cost at all.