If you are looking for an office to rent for your startup or for your daily work, there are many private offices available in City, but not all are affordable. This guide will help you find the best and most affordable option that meets your requirements. A private office for rent is an option that many small or mid-sized companies choose because it can give you the mobility, flexibility, and privacy you need. You can also share the rent with other people in your company. The following is a guide on how to find one ;

1. Office location

This is the first and most important factor to consider. For most startups, you need an office location near an MRT station because it will be hard for you to communicate with customers if the office is far away from MRT. Moreover, renting a private office is more expensive when it’s near an MRT station. So, find an affordable private office that is located near the MRT station but not crowded with other companies.

2. Size of the private office

Before you get a private office, you should decide how many desks or seats your company really needs in order to keep working effectively. The biggest mistake you can make is to get a private office for too long. Even though it’s great if you can split the rent of the office with other people in your company, if the private office is too big then you will not spend enough time at your desk. So, ask your management team or even colleagues what number of people are needed to work effectively and consider how much time every single person needs to work in a private office. If multiple people think that there are too many people in a room, then find another place for that private office.

3. Temporary office space

Before you rent a private office, consider renting temporary private offices. The cheapest and the most convenient option is to rent it for a week but if you will need it for a longer period, then consider renting a long-term private office rent. The temporary private offices are great if your company is just starting and don’t have enough money to buy the office yet. A temporary private office provides some privacy and flexibility without costing too much. You should also look at choosing the right length of time that is convenient for your company because there are some companies who like to stay in a particular place for so long that it may not make sense.

4. Size of the private office

If you choose to rent a private office near the MRT station, then you have to pay more than if you rent a private office in other areas. If your company is small and just starting, then renting a smaller private office is more convenient. If your company has grown significantly and needs to move into bigger private offices, then it may make sense but not at the beginning when your company only needs a small area to work together.

5. The number of desks or seats for each room

The number of people who share the room should be considered carefully because if too many people are needed to work in one room, then it will not be as effective as expected. You should try a private office for rent for about 10 people. If you will increase in company size and some new employees need more desks or seats, then it is more convenient to move into bigger private offices.

6. Design of a room

You don’t want your private office to be too fancy because it will be unnecessary and will make you pay extra money without any real value. The simplest design with basic furniture may be enough for you at the beginning but if your company starts making money, then you can consider upgrading your private office as well. You should also consider the possibility of moving into a new place that has better furniture or decorating your own place later on when necessary.