Dressing for a night out or an evening work event can be difficult, especially if you do not want to wear the same thing you wore last time in front of your colleagues. You want to dress to impress, but you want to stay professional at the same time. Feeling confident in how you look and what you wear can be an excellent boost to your confidence, making socializing with those who work within your company, a breeze. Firstly, it entirely depends on the type of event it is. Is it a more casual work event or are you going to a fancy restaurant? It is more than likely that you will experience a workplace night out or evening event during your career, and they can be incredible networking opportunities. You get the chance to ask questions and gain a ton of advice from other professionals, so you are going to want to not only present yourself as a knowledgeable individual but look sharp at the same time.


It can be tough when deciding what exactly you want to wear to a work event. While you want to look smart, you also want to be comfortable with the items of clothing to boost your confidence. It is important to consider the weather, which means choosing the right jacket or opting for pants instead of a skirt or a formal dress. You also should not feel forced to wear clothing that you physically do not feel comfortable in. If you prefer wearing pants instead of skirts, then plan an outfit that revolves around your smartest pair. For warmer months, try to stick to clothes that will not increase your chances of sweating, and make sure you stock up on deodorant and your favorite fragrance. Sometimes it works a charm to also smell your best while looking your best. You can also pair your clothes with some trendy enamel pins as a way to accessorize and add some personality to your outfit without going overboard. Enamel pins are a hot fashion trend, so you will be right on-trend while also looking professional.

No Wrinkles

When you have picked the perfect outfit for your work event, you now have to make sure it is properly cleaned and ironed. You do not want to be showing up to an important event in creased clothing that has a ton of wrinkles. This will make you look untidy and unprofessional, and your peers will notice this straight away. Storing your clothes correctly is a great way to keep them looking great after they are ironed, so invest in hangers for your pieces of clothing. There are even hangers perfect for storing your formal pants, like the ones available at mainetti.com. Having the correct storage options can work wonders when keeping your professional-looking clothes looking great for any occasion.

Casual or Formal?

These tips stand for casual work events too. You may be told the dress code is a t-shirt and jeans, but you still do not want to turn up in a creased t-shirt and jeans that have a ton of wrinkles. No matter what you wear to the work event or even the type of work event, you should look smart. Some companies do not have a dress code for events, and instead, let you wear whatever you want. Remember to store your clothes the right way to keep them looking fresh, making sure you are always ready for a spontaneous upcoming event.