One of the most successful apps for online poker fans remains at the top of the list of most downloaded apps on iOS and Android smartphones, as well as Windows laptops and desktops.

Since 2011, it has offered a complete experience to players around the world, providing a safe online space to compete with other players of all levels, allowing them to participate in tournaments and go head-to-head with their friends.

How to download and play poker with Pokerhub

On both everyday handheld devices and casual PCs, this poker app is available for download, maintaining all of its goodness on each platform.

The experience is really satisfactory, according to the opinions expressed by the players who have used it, highlighting the possibility of playing on any device without the need to manually transfer the data.

In this way, any player can play a game of poker with the same stack they had the last time they logged on, swapping platforms at will and accentuating the ambivalent nature of the application.

“We’re not just talking about it being an application for playing online poker, but it takes online poker wherever the player wants to go, allowing them to enjoy the best online games wherever they are,” explain those responsible, who insist on emphasizing the portable nature of the software.

Pokerhub is an application designed for any player to enjoy poker anywhere, without the need to remain tied to a single platform as was once the case with online poker software before it made the leap to portable devices.

“What makes Pokerhub so special is that it is an application where you can play in clubs and play tournaments with players from all over the world, but its strong social character allows you to create games only with friends, with the host choosing the players who can be invited to the virtual table,” they specify.

To enjoy this application, just go to the online shop of each device – iOS for Apple devices, and Google Play for those smartphones and tablets with Android operating system – and use the search engine to find Pokerhub.

The variety of games is another of the app’s strong points, as the Pokerhub team explains: “you can choose your favorite type of game from the start, and the app displays a selection of tables based on your criteria, with a choice of No Limit Texas Hold’em games, multi-table games and other options”.

Accessibility and low cost: two foundations on which Pokerhub has been built.

If its users have appreciated anything apart from the variety of games and its strong social component, that has undoubtedly been its accessibility. Pokerhub is a tremendously easy to understand app, designed specifically for the player to easily navigate through all the options.

“It was essential to create an online poker platform that really made it easy for players,” says Pokerhub. “We know that players want to spend their time enjoying one of their greatest hobbies, poker, so we focused all our efforts on creating an app that would truly make it easy to access a game table without slowdowns, loading times, cumbersome menus and difficult to assimilate options,” they say.

That unquestionable simplicity was a priority for the entire app team, given Pokerhub’s ambivalent nature.

Pokerhub aims to offer the best software so that any player can enjoy poker comfortably both at home and on the go, using the application on a multitude of portable and desktop devices,” they say.

“But it also aims to meet the needs of those players looking for a more complete and professional experience, and in that sense, we have made great advances that will appeal to those looking for that extra something that will make their Pokerhub experience the best they’ve ever had,” says the development team.

For example, Pokerhub has been the app of choice for players who are part of a private club and want to bring it into the Pokerhub family, as well as those looking to build their own community of players from scratch.

“This is a good option for those who want to make the jump to Pokerhub while maintaining all the milestones achieved previously, as well as those who want to build their own multi-table tournaments,” they say.

That’s not to say that it’s not the ideal place for those who simply prefer to enjoy poker with players from all over the world, as its strong social component and global presence makes it very easy for those looking to enjoy poker with players of all skill levels and backgrounds.