In the video business, the phrase “AAA Games” refers to high-profile, high-budget games that are often created and released by well-known companies.

The Development of an AAA Video Game:

The game development process is made up of three steps.

  • Pre-Production:

The game concept is created during pre-production. Here you’ll outline the design and development requirements. Additionally, you’ll plan the game’s production process and any supplies. A successful pre-production phase requires effective project management. Starloop Studios relies heavily on prototyping, preproduction decision points and agile ways of managing risk for our client’s projects. The work process is smooth and there are no setbacks.

  • Production:

This step is often the most tedious in the game production process. For a successful manufacturing process, from the prototype to the master is cross-team communication essential.

Starloop Studios is a group of 150+ software engineers, artists and designers that has been creating games for more than 12 years. They keep up-to-date with all current trends and are open to new ideas to provide the best possible solutions for their clients.

  • Post Production

The game production maintenance phase begins after post-production. Here, bugs are fixed and new features are added to the games. The Starloop Studio game development company uses a variety tools and approaches, including Agile and Jira to improve communication and transparency and achieve higher levels in performance.

Time to Develop an AAA Video Game:

AAA games are now reminiscent of huge theme parks. Remember that every time you see a tree, someone had first to click and drag it there. Then someone else had had to check that the NPC was visible and spoke while standing behind the tree. It must be a sequel if it takes more than a year to create one. If it takes more than five years to make one, you will be lucky to see them made in that time. No matter how many employees you have. Starloop Studios’ highly skilled staff and role-specificization can help you reduce development and production time, which will allow you to launch new projects quickly. The earlier you launch, the sooner your ROI will be apparent.

Budget for Development of an AAA Video Game.

It is not your responsibility that you exceed AAA game costs or stick to large expenditures. To cover all the crucial phases, you will need many certified professionals. One team will create audio and art, while another team will handle game design and narrative. Another team will program and optimize the game for each platform. A AAA game can typically be developed and released at a cost of $60 million to $80 millions.

Starloop Studios is a 40% savings over in-house development. There are no overhead costs. Only the time that their staff spends on your project is what you pay.