If you are a proud owner of antique rugs, then here are some quick tips for antique rug cleaning at home. These tips can help you to freshen up the rug and lift all the stains.  

How often do you need to clean your antique rugs?

Hand-woven antique rugs made from rich natural fabrics tend to collect a lot of dust, debris and pollutants. Also, if your antique rug is placed in a high-traffic area then you need to vacuum clean the rug after a couple of weeks. And if it is placed in places which have less foot traffic, then you can clean it every couple of months.  

 When should you consider hiring professional antique rug cleaning?

If your antique rug is hand woven, and it gets stubborn stains like that of red wine or coffee, then you need to be wise enough and call experts who offer reliable rug washing services. The experts can use modern equipment, smart techniques and highly effective cleaning solutions for getting the dirt, dust and stains out of your precious antique rugs. 

How to clean antique rugs at home-

If you want to try antique rug cleaning at home, then start by shaking the rug to remove all the dust and debris from your antique rug. For this, you can use a vacuum cleaner and run it through your rug fibres till the dirt, dust and pet hair are thoroughly removed. You can also use a broom to loosen the dirt and clean it. 

After this, moisten the rug using cold water and rug shampoo. Use a soft brush or cloth to gently rub the solution and dissolve dust particles. You can rinse off the loosened dust gently by using more clean water. Let the rug dry completely before you place it back in its location. 

How do you clean stains from antique rugs?

In case your antique rug is stained due to pet urine, greasy food items or beverages, then you can apply a mixture of white vinegar and warm water for cleaning these stains. However, we recommend hiring professional rug washing services to clean such stubborn stains as the experts can use the best methods and equipment to give you a stain-free antique rug without damaging it. 

How To Prevent Staining On Antique Rugs?

  • Keep your antique rugs away from direct and excess sunlight- To protect the beautiful colours and features of your antique rug, consider keeping them away from excess and direct sunlight. 
  • Do not wear shoes on your antique rugs-Avoid wearing shoes on your antique rugs as it can lead to a build-up of dirt and dust. 
  • Don’t allow pets t step on your antique rugs- Pets are fond of scratching the rugs. So avoid your pets stepping on your antique rug, then which will help you to keep the rug intact for a longer time.  
  • Clean stains immediately- If your antique rug gets stained accidentally, then make sure that you blot it right away without leaving it for a long time.
  • Hire professional rug washing services To ensure that your antique rug is thoroughly cleaned without damage; you can hire professionals for rug wash. 

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