It is a fact that many students feel like the essay topic is the easiest part of writing. However, finding a good essay topic can be hard work, and you want to make sure you pick a theme that is going to be useful and interesting for the readers. After all, the essay should stand alone on its own and provide the reader with something new and interesting. Not sure where to start? Reach out for essay help; our writers have done a lot of research and work with essay topics before. And now, we can show you how to choose winning essay topics every time!

1. Choose a Popular Topic

One thing that is particularly common among students when it comes to choosing an essay topic is to select a topic that they have already heard of. If your idea is to do a literature review, you can start off by looking into some of the literature that you’ve read and seen before. What do you think about what you read? Why is that interesting to you? Is it true what it says?

2. Choose a Topic That Is Useful for Your Major or Career Path

If you are doing a literature review, for example, you’ll want to pick a topic that is directly related to your field. What has your previous literature review been about? Did you write about the latest technologies in that field? Then that’s your topic. You’ll want to pick a topic that is related to your field in one way or another. 

3. Pick a Topic That Is Interesting to You

The key to choosing a topic that is interesting to you is to start to think about it and make it your own. You don’t want to write about something that you think about in your sleep! It is much better to think about something for hours or even days until you think about it so well that it becomes your own topic. You’ll want to have something that is completely original to you so that you can prove that it is worthy of being an essay topic in and of itself.

4. Pick a Topic That Is Both Broad and Complex

Pick a topic that is broad and will allow you to talk about a lot of different things. For example, if you are writing about a novel, you want to pick something that has to do with every single thing that the book covers. A complex topic is something that gives a lot of information about a particular theme. This is a good thing, as the more specific and detailed it is, the better it will be when you are getting started with it. 

5. Don’t Pick a Topic That You Don’t Know

If you don’t know anything about your topic, don’t go for it. You should have some research done before you can pick a good theme. Instead, choose a topic that you have some knowledge about. You want to make sure you can give a fair and factual account of it. 

6. Don’t Pick a Topic That Is Too Lengthy to Cover

Some students think that they need to write a long essay. This is very untrue. Yes, you want to have an interesting and informative paper. This is not the time to add extra information just to meet the word count. Your key focus should be on the content core, and it’s best to pick a theme that can be fully covered within the expected word count without the need to exceed the limit or leave some parts of the theme untouched.

7. Don’t Pick a Topic That Is Easy to Talk About

There are plenty of things that you can write about. But many of them are boring and not worth writing about. You want to be sure you choose a topic that will be interesting and easy to write about. So think about it before starting to write. 

Final Say!

Selecting a good essay topic is half a success. After all, your paper’s contents will be based on your chosen theme. In case you go for a boring, banal, or uninteresting topic, you can hardly count on an A, no matter how brilliantly your paper is written. So spend some time brainstorming and researching the available options before actually diving deep in writing.