Is it time to buy new water filters for your refrigerator?

Water filters are vital components in the home, whether in the kitchen or the home’s plumbing. Your refrigerator is one of the appliances at home that needs water filters. Diseases like diarrhea and dysentery can come from contaminated water without these filters.

Below, we have a quick guide on finding the best refrigerator water filters. Keep reading to learn how to find a water filter that lasts and is worth the cost.

1. Choose a Filter With Refrigerator Compatibility

Check your fridge before you shop for the best refrigerator water filters. Learn the type of water filter that is compatible with it. The different kinds of refrigerator water filters are:

  • Grille
  • Drop-down
  • Slideout
  • Canister

You can also remove the old filter to check for the model number. Don’t forget to put it back in place while you buy a replacement. Another method is to check the manufacturer’s website or user’s manual.

You can also ask for help from appliance center employees. They’ll help you make the best choices based on your needs. They can even help you find a better filter for your refrigerator.

2. Consider Its Filtering Capabilities

How well can your filter clean the water that passes? Filters with a lower micron rating or filtering capability can clean more because of their finer filters, which can catch smaller contaminants.

Check the specs of other filter options, too. Often, they’ll also include information on the contaminants they can remove. Visit Discount Filters if you’re on a budget but need quality refrigerator water filters.

3. Look For an NSF-Certified and Tested Filter

The National Sanitation Foundation is a nonprofit organization that tests and certifies products. They only allow products that match their performance, safety, and quality standards.

When you’re shopping for water filters, look for ones with NSF certifications.

These verifications will tell you how well a refrigerator water filter works. You’ll find various verifications, including NSF 42, NSF 53, and NSF 401.

Also, consider the installation of your refrigerator water filter. Most water fridge filters are easy to install, while others demand more complex installation methods.

4. Know Your Budget and Replacement Frequency Needs

Almost a fifth of the US population got exposed to unsafe water more than once in the past decade. You can avoid this by choosing a refrigerator water filter with excellent efficiency. Look for filters with great reviews, reliability, and popularity.

Do you need to change your filters for improved water quality? Some refrigerator water filters provide better filtration, but cost more.

It’s wiser to choose them if you have the budget. Otherwise, stick to the refrigerator water filter in the user’s manual.

Think about the replacement frequency when upgrading your filters, too. You can save more by buying from Discount Filters.

Find the Best Refrigerator Water Filters Today

We hope you read helpful tips about picking the most suitable refrigerator filters. Now, you’re ready to shop for the best refrigerator water filters. Come back to this guide the next time you need to replace your filters.

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